Sunday, March 26, 2017

The end of Greenery, with McCall's skirt M5336

 I finally got to the end of my 3 metre x 260 cm piece of green quilting cotton - I just managed to squeeze out this skirt.

It's hard to see from the picture, but this skirt actually has it's kick pleat at the front - if you look closely you can just about see it.

I used McCall's M5336, a long OOP pattern:

 The line drawing will give you a good idea of the pleat/split detail at the front of the skirt:

I modified the pattern top suit my shape - which basically meant pulling out a pattern that had been previously modified and shaping this skirt to match it.  Sort of 8 hips, 14 waist.  And I added slanted pockets at the sides of the front of the skirt:

The pleat sits at the front like this:

The pleat did not finish nicely inside - per courtesy of the pattern instructions, so next time I make this I shall finish this area quite differently.  It was sort of overlock, cut seam, and fold hem, leaving a raw edge at the top of the split.  I covered that with bias binding and then did a block of decorative top-stitching outside so that the fix looked deliberate. I guess the binding and top-stitching reinforce the area nicely:

And of course, a lapped zip, my usual, especially when I can't get an invisible zip to match. A skirt hook and eye closure underneath:

I made the waist quite large, and I think this works nicely, as it sits just a bit down from my waist.  I do think it feels comfortable this way.

With no pleat at the back, I do not have to worry about getting the back split/pleat in the right place, something I never quite seem to achieve.

Quick views now:

That's it for this week - a short post, but I am really tired today, and was most disinclined to even write this. But I wanted to put the green behind me, and then move on blogwise to something else!

So, I'll sign off now and wish you well, and see you next week, hopefully a little more chatty than I am this week.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz