Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Weekly Chat and Welcome to New Followers

Hello everyone, its that time of the week again, when I welcome new followers to my blog.  So this week a warm welcome to Brenda, Audrey, Louise,  and via Bloglovin Claire and Christiana.  I hope I haven't left anyone out - if so, just let me know.

I'd like to thank all my regular followers for their interesting and constructive comments on the last weeks post.  I did a post on finding your best colours, and the types of patterns that might suit your body shape.

These of course, were very basic introductory posts - the whole area of personal colouring, body shape and clothing personality is very extensive and very subjective.  Different ideas emerge over time and get tweaked and re tweaked (as much to do with marketing, as anything else, I suspect!).  So in the 80's it was seasonal analysis (summer, winter, spring, autumn), then seasonal-flow analysis (12 subtypes of 3 to each four seasons) then the cool, clear, light, deep, soft, warm - which is just a variation of the four seasons or seasonal-flow analysis.

Some of these systems have been rather limited - I remember when everyone who had a darker skin was called "cool"/winter.  This is patently not the case, as darker skins can also have a range of colourings.  And some skin tones are quite neutral and not so overtly warm or cool.

Colour consultants used to very fond of telling people to only wear the colours in their season and no colours outside their season.  This is not really practical - what happens if a client absolutely loves a colour that is not in their best range of colours?  For instance, Black.  This used to be "forbidden" for certain skin tones, but of course, its such an essential basic nowadays.  So, what do you do in that situation?

When I used to work with clients, I would look at  all aspects of  the client's colour needs- and if someone needs to wear black, for whatever reason (it's the only colour around, it's what the office needs etc) then a solution needs to be found.

 The other day I saw a lady who was a spring (light andclear, for those of you more familiar with these terms) and she wore black and she looked absolutely stunning.  She pulled it off because the black top had a lower neckline, and she used a lipstick in a bright clear coral colour.  She looked stunning. This was a great solution!

Clothing personality type is also important when choosing colour.   I wear black and navy a lot because I have a classic style personality.   They are also readily  available in my local fabric shop unlike the colours that suit me (I'm a summer, soft, cool, muted, mid tone). I also do not have a personality type that desires to be the centre of attention. I love the bright colourful fabrics and prints that are available, but they do not like me.

In wearing pattern, personality type comes into play.  If you have a body shape that suits floral patterns,
 but you are maybe a sporty personality, chances are you wouldn't be seen dead in a floral dress.  Conversely, a romantic personality probably wouldn't wear a hard geometric abstract, even if it did suit her body type.

Face shape and expression, as one of my followers pointed out) is also important.  If you have a serious demeanor, (or have a serious job) then some patterns may not suit you.

This week I will write a post about how to wear Black if it is not one of your best colours. I'll also be continuing the weekly post on Guidelines for Form, Style and Colour in 1928.

On matters style, thank you for your lovely comments about my new exercise pants.  Many of you commented that they were practical, everyday, comfortable basics.  You will find that many of the things I will be making will fall into this category, because my lifestyle is very ordinary - probably much like yours.  I am also a fairly natural sort of person who likes classic clothes as the basis of my wardrobe.  These are the sorts of clothes that do get worn everyday, even if they don't make it in the glamour stakes.

That's it for today, do have a lovely evening and a blessed week, wherever you are.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I so agree Liz, I like and wear basic clothes too.. They get much more wear than the "pretty" stuff.ha
    Hope your having a nice weekend.. and I am enjoying the blog.

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. Yes, basic's are what we mostly wear on a daily basis.

  2. Thanks for continuing this conversation. I am really enjoying reading your blog. =)

    1. Thank you, and I am glad you are enjoying it :). I do like to continue conversations and will add to it as time goes on.

  3. how sweet of you to welcome me. Its an interesting topic,colour analysis, looking forward to your post. I only wear black with grey or white, not with colour. Have a nice weekend.

    1. It's a pleasure. Cools look good in high contrast black and white, and grey as well, so long as it is not a warm grey.