Sunday, April 7, 2013

Your lovely comments and a Welcome to New Followers.

It's already that time of the week when I welcome all my new followers and also say hello to all my regular followers.

Welcome then to Regina, Heather's Sphere, Kenny Coke, Ruth, dk's wife., DamCucinoAmoreMio, Aisha and Jen S.  Lovely to meet you, and if you have a blog I will be meeting you there as well, because I like to follow your sewing journeys as well - and for those of you that blog about other things, that is always interesting as well.  As individuals we all have different interests and talents, which makes for an interesting world if we appreciate these differences.

This week has been an interesting blog week and I have had lots of lovely and helpful comments from all of you.  I am going to make my afternoon cuppa and then sit down and chat about them.

This week I posted a garment retrospective and many of you commented on how I seemed to be building a mini wardrobe in basic, solid colours without prints.  My second garment posting was a patterned skirt which I styled with various garments I already have in my  wardrobe.  As a few of you have figured out, a wardrobe that is based on a sound colour base with prints to liven it up, can work well.

Some of us love prints, and wear them well, and some of us don't (or perhaps don't wear them as well).

It is important to get the right sort of print for your unique body lines and shape and also for your personality.  I'll post a few print ideas for you next week.

Another comment was from a plus sized petite who says she has just made a muslin from a pattern that she thought would fit her as she chose the size that corresponded with her measurements.  The muslin was too tight.  Isn't this always a horrible thing to have happen?

Two very simple steps can eliminate this frustrating situation.  Firstly, always measure the pattern pieces and check them against your own measurements.  And secondly, always add extra to the side seams and to the centre back seam (if it has one).  That way you can add extra from the side seam and then play around with the muslin to see what is what.  Slash and spread areas that are too tight, and add bits of fabric  where it is too tight.  And fold in areas that are too loose.  Then make another muslin of the changes.  If there is a part of the garment that is okay, like maybe a skirt, don't redo that, but just the bits that are fiddled with.

And once you have a sort of shape that works for you, you can start using that to judge other patterns with.

I had to the pleasure of being awarded another blog award this week from Sally.  Thank you, once again, Sally, its always a thrill being thought of in this way.

You can find Sally at :

I wanted to find out a little more about awards so I asked you for your thoughts.  It seems that blog awards are passed on from one blogger to another blogger whose blog you enjoy, or to a new blogger to support and encourage them.  Some of you said it was nice finding out a bit more about a blogger.  I agree with this as well.   The blogger moves from being an interesting blogger to a lovely, fleshed out human being with a personality that you can more easily relate to.  I like that as well!

So, I have decided that I like blog awards very much, because it is nice to get to know people, and to support and encourage them in their blog activities.

That is pretty much this week's round up.

Next week I will be posting the weekly blog "Guidelines on Form, Style and Colour in 1928".

I'll also do a post on "Prints and your Body Shape".

That's it for today :)

Sarah Liz.

P.S.  For those of you that are interested, there is a great challenge happening at the moment.

Although it has started,  it doesn't matter if you join now - you are still welcome. If the ideas of sewing your entire wardrobe for a year is a little daunting, don't worry. The idea is that we all attempt to sew at least part of our wardrobes this year if we can't sew it all.  Or maybe just decide to sew skirts or one type of garment for the year. Or maybe just for your figure challenges. There is no pressure, you can make what you want, when you want.  The idea is to support and encourage each other in our sewing endeavours.

Natalea and Vita are hosting this challenge, and they have made a great video about the challenge.  Pop over to have a look :

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I heard about that sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge too, but I figured it is kind of redundant for me since I've been doing that for so long already!
    I hope you enjoy it. Dewing your own clothes is very rewarding. :)

    (um, may I respectfully suggest turning off word verification on your comments. That horrible captcha is doing my head in!)

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Yikes, I didnt realise the word verification was the automatic default - they don't do much for my head either- it was turned straight off, thanks for letting me know :)
      Second: I agree that the sew your own wardrobe challenge is a bit redundant for you - but it is a lovely opportunity for those of us getting back into the sewing water -sort of a nice self imposed external motivator! I do love how your wardrobe has evolved over the years - forever in process.

  2. I am working on sewing my own wardrobe. It does take time, doesn't it? It may take me more than a year LOL

    1. Maybe a lifetime now :). I do hope you have lots of sewing success.

  3. Thank you for the warm welcome. I so appreciate it.
    Loved your blog post today. SO interesting.. I really look forward to the post on prints.. I love prints and tend toward making things with prints/designs.. When I need to do some more solids.. thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hello, and thank you! I'll be starting the posts on colour and print this week.

  4. What a lovely post! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us, your followers!

  5. Nice blog post. I am following you with Bloglovin' (just an FYI). um, for the plus sized petite who commented and you mentioned: if you do not do your petite alterations in height FIRST, the fit will be way off. Could that be what happened? I second "walking" the pattern and adding a bit to the SA for insurance.

    Off to nap,
    marec on PR (Mary)

    1. Hi, I am the plus petite! Yes, I remember doing petite adjustments in my former sewing life pre-family. I had forgotten about them! (Comes from drafting too much from scratch - I forgot I was using a commercial pattern.) It still is very close fitting though. Thankyou!

    2. Hi Mary and Evanabella : Glad Mary has reminded you! Its so easy to forget the important little things :).

    3. Mary, thank you for following me on Bloglovin. The one problem with Bloglovin is I don't know who my followers are.

  6. Hi SarahLiz, well, you have inspired me to take the plunge and start a blog, thank you! I would love you to visit me at Evanabella's Search for Simple Solace.
    It is a clumsy first attempt, but I did it, and it is in no small part due to your lovely blog and the generous help you give to people. You deserve your awards.

    1. Thank you Evanabella, I will be over to look at your blog later. Don't worry about your blog being clumsy - you are just starting out. Mine is still clumsy! Just start with small steps.