Friday, April 26, 2013

Your Style Personality

Vogue Patterns V1232

The clothes we wear generally reflect our personality and lifestyle.  In some clothes we feel comfortable, and in others we don't feel like "ourselves".   There are quite a few different clothing styles - some systems use 4 and some many more, but I will introduce your to five today.  You may find that you are one of these, or a combination.  

I will not be posting pictures of people to illustrate these clothing personalities.  I know many people do download images of celebrities for this sort of reason, but ethically I will not do this without permission - and I don't know these people!  Also, you are infringing all sorts of laws, and that can have repercussions.  As you are all sewers, though, I think you will have good enough imaginations to be able to work out what each type is on your own and probably already know what style personality you are :-). 

Vogue Patterns V8810
The natural likes relaxed clothes that have ease of movement - jeans, trousers, shorts, and simple tops, with little or no jewellery or make up.  If they wear classic clothes (they prefer business casual)  to work they tend to take them off as soon as they get home and put comfortable clothes on. They do not take an iron on holiday.  They like easy to care for, practical, hard wearing and non-fussy clothes.

Vogue Patterns V8828
 The classic always looks smart, neat and tidy, with a formal look even when casually dressed.  If they wear jeans they will be washed and ironed.  Hair is neat and a small amount of make up always worn.  Jewellery is understated and includes pearl earrings and necklaces, and small items of costume jewellery.  Classics do not like fabrics that crease easily  such as linen.  Shoes are polished.  Classics like shopping for clothes and look for investment garments that are simple lines and god quality. They do not follow high fashion.

Vogue Patterns V1313
Dramatics like clothes that are noticed.  They love colours that are bold and love contrasting colours.  They love to shop and don't worry about practicality and budget and love high fashion (street fashion or trends).  They love hats and sunglasses, large jewellery and make up.  They like standing out in a crowd and often mix with other dramatic dressers, and and may  wear shoes with enormous heels and platforms.  

Vogue Patterns V8876
The creative dresser has an artistic flair and alter and accessorise their clothes to create a unique appearance.  They love interesting patterns, textures and scarves, and accessorise their outfits with creative earring and necklaces.  These are often in interesting metals, wood, or ceramics.  They will spend time looking for interesting  clothes and like shopping in offbeat shops and markets.


The romantic dresser loves pretty fabrics, luxurious textures, and detailed clothes - lots of frills, flounces, flowers, ruffles and ribbons.  Clothes are always feminine and include waisted jackets with peplums and skirts with movement at the hemline.  They love lace underwear, make up and jewellery and hair accessories.

I hope you managed to find your style personality here. These are the basic categories - there are other style personalities as well, often derived from the basic categories - gamin, ingenue,  preppy, chic, casual chic, rock chick, bohemian, contemporary,  to name a few.

Sarah Liz :-)


  1. Well that's easy... I'm the "natural" - although I often aspire to being more stylish, but then the old "comfort first" thing quickly takes over again. ;-)

    1. Hi Sally, I thought you might have been - and that might be why you tend to wear the blues. A lot of naturals want to be more stylish, but I think it is best to be a natural and work out how to make that more stylish when need be. First and foremost you are you, and trying to be someone you are not doesn't work for long!

  2. I'm the Natural, but I wish I were more the Creative.

    1. Hi Stpehanie, perhaps acknowledge your more creative side by wearing a unique necklace.

  3. Oh how fun.. thank you for sharing.. I am definitely the natural.. But would love to be the romantic..

    1. Hi again - always pleased to share. You may be a natural, but maybe a touch of the romantic as well - hence the lure of pretty colours? :-)

  4. I'm a Natural, aspiring to the Dramatic ;-)

    Thanks for bringing us a different way to look at our wardrobes!

    1. Hi Kat, you may well have a secondary wardrobe personality - and on some occasions the dramatic you may be more appropriate - such as going out to dinner.

  5. I think i tend toward the classic, but also wish i was more like the dramatic. Which one do you think you are?

    1. Hi, classic is a really good basis to start from - you can always add garments that are more dramatic to your classic base.

      I'm a classic/natural. Tried to be other style personalities but it doesn't work :-)