Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another A Line skirt finished.

I've been working for half an hour a day on making this simple A-Line skirt.  I finished it today - and I finished my end of year bookwork yesterday, so I'll soon get back to normal with sewing (I hope - a bit low in the mojo today - that can happen after a demanding stint of tedious work you don't really like).

My original inspiration came from seeing this skirt by Margaret Howell. This is from her Autumn/Winter 2010 range.  I love her practical, classic, casual designs.  I'm sorry the picture is such a small one, but if I enlarge it, the picture becomes far too blurry to see much detail.  At least the line of the skirt is clear in this picture.

I have made this skirt (and two corduroy skirts) in the new below knee length that has been creeping in.  
I also ease the area between the darts under the waistband to accomodate a rounded tummy.

Grey A Line Skirt it Baby Corduroy.
 I wanted a slightly sporty finish, so I used two rows of stitching at the hem.  The back closes with a zip.

 I completed a black version recently - I should have flipped the sleeves out of the photo here, but it is a bit late now :).  Something to learn from, and to pay attention to in the future.  I didn't straighten the waistband either.

Black A Line Skirt in Baby Corduroy.
 I have also made a straight skirt - I never peg my straight skirts in, and I like them not too tight - I'm very thin in the thighs and hips, and I look better with a little more fabric to make me look bigger.  I also like to be able to move easily, and pegged skirts just feel too restrictive.  Again, the area below the waistband is eased.

Straight Skirt.
 I put a godet insert into the back of the skirt - allows movement, and looks lovely at the same time.

Godet insert
That's my winter sewing for this year completed.  I will do a montage next week with my me made winter basics.

I used stash for all of these projects as part of the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long.  Find us at:
Have a lovely sewing weekend wherever you are,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. All of these skirts are fantastic - fav would have to be the last one, with the surprise godet insert behind. Fancy us thinking that winter sewing is finished - we will all be planning our spring-mades very soon...J

  2. Thanks Judith - I think I like the last one the most, as well. But they all have their uses.

    Yes, we will be thinking spring soon, and our northern hemisphere friends will be thinking fall/autumn. It's been fun watching everyone making summer clothes this year- can't wait to make mine now :)

  3. All very useful wardrobe pieces, so I'm sure you'll get to wear them in lots of different outfits which is the best reward for all your efforts. All very smart but I particularly like the last one too, the godet is a super idea :)

  4. Hi Jacq, thank you, and I agree. Sewing basics might not look exciting, but these are wardrobe building blocks, as you said :)

  5. They look fantastic. I love the godet on the skirt.

  6. That is a cute godet. Nice skirts.

  7. Love the skirts.. And happy you finished the end of year work..yea!!

  8. Baby cord! I think that's such a lovely fabric. And it feels so soft. You inspire me to make a baby cord skirt as well :)

    1. It is lovely, Elise. It does make up into skirts so easily, and a simple skirt is so easy to make :)

  9. Two FABULOUS skirts. I love an A-line skirt! I like your fabric choice and the details of both do make them sporty. Nice work!

  10. Thank you - yes A-lines are great - and you can move in them - hence the sporty finish to emphasise this aspect of the skirts.