Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Burda Miss Petite sizing Pants Muslin

As you all know, I have been attempting to fit trousers for most of this year.  I have recently trialled a few patterns and was not very happy with the fit.  I wondered if part of the problem was that I am in the petite height category.  So I decide to trial a Burda style pattern sized for Miss Petite.  The pattern is 7058 - a tapered pant with faced band and side zip. 

As the waist was dropped at the front, and as I have a high back rise, I added extra at both CB and CF - of course, gradually tapering into the rest of the waist band by the side seams.  I also want a waistband as I find this holds the trouser up on me:)

This is my finished muslin, front view first and then the back view:

I cut a size 8 hip and size "11" waist (meaning I added a bit extra to size 10 waist) - I tapered this into the hipline area.  My first crotch was size 8, but this did not sit well and everything pulled into vertical smiley lines, so I lowered the crotch curve.

This is the back view - not nearly as much wrinkling down the legs as I can get.  If you look at the right hand side of the picture, you will see slightly less wrinkling down the leg under my bottom - I undid the original seam and took out a dart of fabric - and it has made a difference.  It's probably why the leg is slightly shorter - that side has had quite rough treatment - I did a couple of different techniques before settling on this one.

Overall, I think Burda Miss Petite is going to work for me - it may not be perfect, but it hasn't given me nearly as many headaches and hassles as other patterns - where the legs just swim on me, even for so called slim fit tapered pants.

This is a slim hipped pant, so I am not sure that it would work for curvier shapes - if you are very full in the hips and thighs, I think the basic pattern would not work for you. 

I'm going to try regular Burda pants as my next muslin - I'm working on muslins at the moment as I want to get ready for summer sewing with patterns already  fitted, so that I can just sew:)

Sarah Liz


  1. I have no experience or expertise in fitting pants, so I'm interested to see your process. To me, the back looks great and the front looks pretty good too - which seems to be an improvement on some of the other patterns you've tried? It must be good to know that you've nearly got it perfect :-)

    1. Hi Kat, yes, this pattern was certainly much closer to my shape/measurements than some others - I've also learnt how to accomodate my quirks - I've got quite a high rise - which makes sense, because I am also short waisted.

  2. It does look like it is going to work for you. Well done. I was thinking the other day (when reviewing your muslining adventures) the muslin fabric isn't very drapey and I wonder whether that makes it harder or easier to fit.

  3. This pattern looks like a winner to me! It seems to be much easier to fit than the others. I may try this one myself. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Hi Rgina - yes, not much to lose - but do be aware it is a slim fitting hip - pears may need to adjust.

  4. Great work on muslins.. Get the patterns ready, so that when summer gets to you.. You are ready to sew.. Love that plan.
    I bet this petite pattern will work better for you. Best wishes with your muslins.