Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Handknit Gallery

 My winter basics of black polar fleece leggings and corduroy skirts were also planned to go with a selection of me made handknits.

I made this red cowl neck jumper about two years ago, out of a yarn I purchased at Spotlight - it's a mix of wool, mohair and soya fibre.  It was strange to knit with and doesn't handle the same as mohair - it's got a bit of bounce to it.

I just love the cowl neck - it's flattering, but not so deep and saggy that it gets in the way (or catches too many toast crumbs from winter lunches !)

This is my black version - and although a similar yarn, it knitted up quite differently.  I love both of these jumpers though, and the odd idiosyncratic happening just adds to the me made charm.

The cowl on the black version is more like an oversized roll neck collar - but it is still smart to wear.

As you know, I have made three skirts recently out of corduroy - a straight skirt and two A-Line skirts.

Straight skirt
A Line Skirt
A Line skirt

These skirts go well with both of my me made jumpers, although I have only paired the red jumper with the grey skirt for these photographs. 

And they also work with my polar fleece leggings:

 These garments may not be the height of fashion but they are warm and lovely to wear as casual garments. And style, as far as I am concerned, is having the right sort of garments for the right sort of occasion.  What better than a casual handknit, cosy skirt and tights, or leggings,  to keep warm on a cold, wet, winter's day at home.

So, that is my winter wardrobe gallery for this year.  I hope to add to it next year.

Sarah Liz


  1. Those jumpers would have made a great addition to your wardrobe - would love to know what pattern you used to knit these...J

  2. Judith, it's a very old Patons knitting book - Book 5001, for 5 play and 8 ply. It's just very basic jumpers with neckline variation, stitch and band variations and beanies. The sort of book you wouldn't look twice at - but the cowl neck is a beauty.. Can't beat the basics and change them with the yarn you use.

  3. Love all these clothes! They are so smart to make beautiful combinations ...

  4. These look lovely and so cosy Sarah Liz.

  5. I love them all! They look simple but pretty!

  6. The red jumper looks lovely with your grey skirt, very smart and cosy :)

  7. Perfect wardrobe building Sarah Liz. I love all the pieces, and admire your knitting.

  8. I LoVe Cowl Necks Too Sarah Liz, And Had To Chuckle Re The Toast Crumbs.... Happened To Me All The.Time.With My Cowl Neck Tops! :) YourHandknit Project Are All Lovely, In Awe!! Plus: Those Are Great Denim Skirts, I Want One!

    1. Ugghh I Mean corduroys Skirts. I Love Cords More Than DeniM Anyways... :)

    2. It's great that you've made such a mix & match wardrobe.

    3. Thanks ladies - Far, you know what you'll have to tackle come winter - a cord skirt.