Friday, July 5, 2013

Ready for a Total Restyle - Tidying my Wardrobe

Tidy Drawer
 After yesterdays good toss out, I was ready to tidy up my drawers - so I folded all my t-shirts up neatly - I obviously don't need any of them for a few years:)

Tidy underwear drawer
 I also went through my underwear and tossed any undergarments that did not fit or were well past their use by date - yellowed elastic, perished elastic, discoloured from washing with the wrong things, or just plain tatty of no certain sort.  OUT!!  Now everything is neat, tidy and wearable :)

coat hanger for coats and some jackets

 Then I checked my wardrobe - it's a mahogany one, and far too dark to take good photo's - although some do follow.   I made sure all my jackets and coats were on wooden hangers.

Jackets and Coats, also dust covers on those rarely worn.
I seem to have plenty of basic black and navy jackets and coats - not much need for more of them at the moment.

Skirts and trousers are all on proper skirt/trouser hangers - nothing folded up over a wire hanger.

skirt/trouser hanger

Picture below is skirts hanging up:  (Blogger is doing strange things with not allowing me to upload and caption photo's! - doesn't like this the skirt one for some reason)

I do seem to have lots of very basic black skirts - not much need for sewing these in the future.

And some garments - some jackets and soft cardigans, knits - on padded hangers.  I don't make these myself - I love crafted coat hangers but don't have time to do them, so I do admit to purchasing these.

The rest of my clothes are on proper coat hangers, not wire hangers that come from the dry cleaners.

Shirts and Blouses
I seem to have quite adequate supplies of basic white blouses and a few coloured ones.  It does seem I don't actually need much at the moment, so I can put a plan together for some more fashionable and colourful additions to my very classic black and white wardrobe.

I do  have lots of scarves - I tend to use these quite a bit to brighten things up when I have to be presentable:

Trouble is, scarves are not always practical to wear and I tend to get tangled up in them.  Great for dressing up but not always for some everyday activities - they are a nuisance going to the supermarket, for instance. 

That's enough for me for one week I'll start reviewing what I need to make.  I'll also see what outfits I can put together with what I have.  I hate that feeling of having to sew something you urgently need under pressure.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. It looks so organized. There is something very relaxing about having all your clothes neatly put away...I wish you lived nearby, I'd invite you to come and help with my closet!

    1. That would be fun, I would enjoy that too :)

  2. Very Organized! Come Over To My Apartment And Help Me Out!! ;) Im Currently Staging A Strike Coz The Bean As Usual Mess Things Up (Today Even Wors If possible) And The Western US Heatwave Is Making Us All Feel Extra Batty!

    1. Oh dear, Batty and Bean problems all at once - that is difficult. I guess Bean is still testing the boundaries- no wonder you are on strike:) I did wonder why you had been quiet.

  3. we've outgrown sharing a closet so we're in the prosscess of cleaning out & turning two walk in closets into one for him & one for me lol! I like how your scarves are in a shoe bag? that's a great idea as I have a lot of scarves too

    1. Oh dear, still outgrowing :) I want to gradually get more compact over the next few years. I wasn't sure how else to store scarves :)

  4. So tidy! I am terribly impressed and I am pretty tidy myself. Your color palette is very apparent-I see grays and soft colors. No wild lingerie though!

    1. Hi Mary, I love being tidy but can't achieve it in all corners of my world at the moment - maybe over time:) Yes, I do like muted colours - not easy to get. I have a lot of black as well :)

  5. How productive! I need to follow suit.

  6. You have ALMOST inspired me to clean out mine.... but then I think - sewing or tidying and after a sewing fast the clean out will have to wait.

  7. I am not surprised BeaJay - I'm having longer hours at the moment, so can't easily sew- so it was a good opportunity to do this :)