Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday's Chat and Welcome to my new followers

Hi everyone - I am so thrilled to be part of the community of blogging sewists - I find you all so talented, helpful and supportive - a really positive atmosphere which is a joy to be part of.

This week I would like to welcome my new followers - Andrea and Patti on my blog, and A.J. via Bloglovin.  There are two more followers on Bloglovin as well, but I have not been emailed any details - but welcome anyway.

This week I have been in the process of reviewing my wardrobe -

I threw out clothes that were passed their useful life - or gave them to thrift shops if they were still in good condition.

I then tidied up my remaining clothes so that they were neat and easy to find.  I used good coat hangers, and I always line drawers with paper.

I then worked out what outfits I could make that looked good out of the clothes I already own.  This outfit was inspired by an outfit in a shop window, and I thought it would be great for around the house in cold weather.

I really appreciate your comments, and some of  you suggested ways of adding more colour pop to my very classic and basic wardrobe choices.  Unfortunately, living in the land DownUnder, we have limited choices, so I may have to explore fabrics for scarves and tops overseas - certainly the online world makes this so possible.  Or get DH to take me to Singapore or Melbourne.  Now that's an idea worth exploring...

 Now I am ready to finalise some summer sewing plans - and ideas are coming thick and fast.  I have already made up most of the trouser muslins.

This was the muslin I made up this week:

It worked well - and  I am going to make a pair of casual patterned pants from this.  I've already got some fabric I can use, so it will be a stash busting project as well.

It's  a craft cotton bought on sale for $2-00 a metre.  I originally thought about a skirt, but I think trousers now.  Luckily I know my tendency to change ideas, so I have enough for trousers.  I often find that when I get home and really play with the material, my original idea may need to be modified for the fabric.  What I think works in the shop doesn't.  So I always buy enough to allow for ongoing flexibility.

This week I plan to make a wearable muslin - yes, that's right, I am going to make a muslin to completion.  You must all have been wondering if I am capable of this :).

The pattern I am going to trial is a Kwik Sew Pattern, sized for stretch fabrics:

Kwik Sew 3540
I've also started making one of my A-Line skirts for my July contribution to the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long. Visit us at:

While I am the facilitator, the success of this sew-a-long is due to all the wonderful participants.  If you want to join us, please email me,

Do have a fantastic week wherever you are, and keep your mojo up :)

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I love the fabric you're going to use for your trousers. I think they'll look great.

  2. I went to greet you and I find beautiful sewing projects here ... looking forward to that pants ...

  3. Hi Rosy, lovely to see you again - I'll make the pants in a few weeks after some skirts :)