Friday, July 19, 2013

The Muslin Documentation Project.

I've been making a lot of trouser muslins recently.  I usually have a muslin making binge when I have other life activities that preclude the sort of sewing where you have to concentrate.  At the moment it is end of financial year bookkeeping/accounting issues, and I'm thoroughly fed up - hope to have most of it done by end of next week.

A year or so ago I also had one of these life patches (probably essays and exams) - and I made up a lot of jacket muslins. I stored them away in a container, and had almost forgotten about them.

I then thought that it would be a good idea to actually document all my muslins on this blog in my muslin gallery. That way I will have a good reference place and can see what I have. 

I had four jacket muslins in my container.  The first was M5063.

 I've had this pattern for years, and like it as much now as I did when I purchased it.  I like all the garments shown, but have only made a jacket muslin:

Front, M5063

The next muslin is made from New Look pattern 6516 (I'm sorry about the flashlight bouncing off the shiny paper of the envelope).

NL 6516
Front, NL 6516

Back NL 6516
 The third muslin is the jacket length coat from Butterick B4665:

Butterick B4665

Front, Butterick B4665

Back, Butterick B4665
 The fourth muslin is made from a McCalls pattern (number carefully covered by my note telling me that I have made the muslin(toile) up).  Underneath the paper - M6172.

 I have made the inbetween length jacket up:

Classic McCalls Blazer, M6172,  Front

Classic McCalls Blazer, M 6172Back
I think the McCalls blazer is my favourite out of this cluster of jacket muslins.

I also have a few trouser muslins still lying around, so I'll document these as well.

The first is a very basic Butterick pants pattern:

 And the second is a Burda pattern.  Many people swear that Burda pants fit well with little of the issues associated with the Big 4 patterns.  Given that I put the muslin away, I suspect it did not fit very well.

 Possibly the same  happened with the Butterick pattern - certainly a more recent muslin based on a Butterick pattern did not work well, but, another Butterick pattern did.

I also have a muslin put to one side which was from a McCalls pattern:


While the back of these look reasonable, the front is hugely baggy.  Pity, because the contoured band fits nicely.  Some people say go back and tweak - all well and good, but first you've got to know how and why to alter baggy pants fronts.  So for now, the problem sits in my old muslin container.

And the rest of my trouser muslins sit in a basket, because I plan to make these up over the next few months.  Of course I will try them on again to make changes and to see whether I have changed.

I make sure, of course, that I label all of my muslins, so that I know what they are when I finally get around to them!

That's my muslin documentation project completed.  A tick of the list.  Can't wait to say the same about the work stuff:)

Have a good weekend everyone. 

Sarah Liz


  1. What a super idea to document the muslins! That way you can always pop back to it when you feel like. Already Friday evening here, which technically really is the weekend - which is sewing time...YEAH!!!!!

  2. Enjoy it Judith - I'm going to stress bust this weekend by doing as much sewing as possible. Hope you get lots done as well :)

  3. Great idea. You are very organized!

    1. I'm only organised in some areas of my life :)

  4. Have A Relaxing.Weekend.Sarah Liz!!!! And I Hope Once The Financial Reporting And Whatnot Concluded (Very Soon) you Will Have The Happy Sewing Time To Dedicate To Your Pants In Fashion Fabric! :)

    1. Hi Far, yes, I'm looking forward to that very much:)

  5. Hope you get the end of year reports done and finished real soon..
    Also hope you have a great sewing weekend..

  6. Indeed, this is a super idea! I need to tackle button-front blouses again. I might follow in your footsteps and do the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It's a pleasure. Good luck with the button front blouses - I'm going to make some of those later this year as well :)

  7. You are so organized-I'll bet you have heard that before :-) I love the idea of a muslin gallery and enjoyed looking through yours. I've been busy with horsesthis week and have not set a foot in my sewing studio. Oh, how I miss the feel of fabric in my hand.

  8. Yes, I love using the blog as a record of what I'm doing - beats a notebook. I guess two horses keep you busy - and the young one will need lots of schooling. I hope you get some time back in your studio soon :).