Thursday, July 25, 2013

Useful pants information for you

 Hello everyone - a very short post today, as I am getting ready for the dreaded day finalising the accounts tomorrow.  But I did want to talk to you about my last two posts - choosing pattern sizes.

I am not a trained professional by any means and refer to books frequently to learn - and I thought I should pass on bits that might be of interest to you as I think we are all in much the same boat of teaching ourselves.

Whatever size pattern you choose, do make a muslin - or at the very least check the fit of the pattern against something you know works for you and fits you.  It does save heartbreak and tears.  I'm reading a book at the moment that is used in design schools and the emphasis is on making muslins to test every concept.

For those of you making pants, my post yesterday was about Nancy Zieman's suggestion about using a smaller pant size as commercial patterns are often baggy in the leg.  This means you alter the top part of the pant to fit - she claims it is easier to fit the waist.  I am not sure about this, especially with contoured waistbands.  Another reason to make a muslin, to see how everything works together.

I have found a resource on the internet that may help -  It's all about making trousers, and I can't wait to have more time to read this myself next week:

Sarah Liz


  1. finding time to read is right lol! lots of great information there, thanks for sharing!

  2. I buy a pant pattern 3 sizes smaller than my suggested size and grade up on the stomach as my front is large and my bottom relatively smaller and my thighs HEAPS smaller. I find - even in most RTW pants - the thighs swim on me. Very few pants are made for apples. Grading up in the stomach is much easier than shaving off the legs. I guess it all depends on your shape.

    1. HI BeaJay - you have a similar problem to me, albeit you are plus and I am petite. I find that distortions soon occur if you take legs in - and you can only go so far, as you have to keep parallel with the grainline to some degree.

  3. Thanks for the link to the pant fitting pages of Colette!

  4. I highly recommend the Clover pattern as it is a well fitted pant. The envelope art shows it very fitted but in reality it is not.

  5. Thanks Mary, I'll try that one in due course - I had a look and they are out of stock until August.