Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Hello and Welcome to New Followers

Another week has flown by.  I've taken everyone's advice on board, and had a quiet weekend, ready to do my best with the week that is going to arrive soon.

This is a very short post today - because I am having a rest:). I even asked my husband to take me to the local Italian eatery last night - something I rarely do - I'm a bit of an eat at home sort of person.  He happily obliged and then went off to check a few patients, so I spent a lovely evening quietly knitting.

Short post aside, I do want to maintain my usual tradition of welcoming new followers to my blog.  And this week, Jean and Sarah are following me via Bloglovin.

It's always lovely to get new followers because you get to meet new bloggers and their blogs.  That's the best part of following :)

Have a great week everyone.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. It is good to rest. I hope you feel refreshed.

  2. So proud you are resting this weekend.. Nice that you and hubby took you out to eat.. NO cooking, and getting rest.. That will help your upcoming work week.. take care.