Thursday, August 1, 2013

Handknit Gallery part 2.

 I want to show you my favourite handknit cardigan jacket.  It's made out of two varieties of mohair, one plain mohair, and the other a sort of loopy yarn mohair.  If course, the reality was I had plain mohair left over from an old cardigan (literally worn to bits) and I had to mix something with it.  You can see the texture if you look hard enough (I know, black is terrible for showing details).

 The collar does show some detail - the plain mohair on the inside roll of the collar, and the loopy yarn on the edge.  I tried to make it look as though there was a braid along the edge of the collar.

Collar "Braid"
 The next photo shows the different textures in the cardigan jacket:

 It's a really lovely jacket - sort of a handknit fur coat.  I don't wear it often because I don't want to spoil it.
Silly, I know, especially if the moths get to it before I do.

I made the following cardigan from the same pattern, only this version is a lot longer:

Isn't it amazing how different the two garment look - although both mohair yarns they are quite different brands and feel, and have knitted up quite differently.

Well, that is my winter round up, on with the summer plans...

Sarah Liz