Friday, August 2, 2013

Lots in the Pipeline

I am happy to be back doing some sewing this week.  I have a few projects lined up, and hope to work my way through quite a bit of my stash over the next few months.  Some of it is stacked on a little cane basket (which contains the wool for whatever knitting project I am working on) - this is all pre-washed stash.

I have started making a cotton blouse:

 I'll be blogging blouse progress in real time to show you how I time manage a sewing project.  I'll also show you how I make this blouse - lots of you already know how to make a simple button down blouse, but some of you might not have made one before, so I hope the posts will help you.

I've also made the second muslin for the trousers from Butterick 5687.

Butterick 5687.
I'm making the shorter version of the trousers out of cotton drill - this is a wearable muslin project.  If I like the results, I will make the pants in a better fabric (if I can find something suitable).  I decided to machine baste the pants together to check the fit - essential, as it has side pockets, and the side has to be the right size before putting them in.  

I did sew the darts first before machine basting the pants together:

Machine Basted


The front fits nicely except for the wrinkles coming up from the crotch. I'll need to drop the crotch at the front.

Next, a view of the back:


The back is looking good - I did a sway back alteration, and I have not yet finished easing the pants properly in the inner leg - I don't want to stretch them during the machine basting.  I also think a wee tweak of the crotch will help the wrinkles.  For those of you who have followed my pants making exercises, I think you will agree, these are starting to look a lot better than my earlier efforts.

The 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long enters it's third month tomorrow.  So far, during the months of June and July we have used up more than 321.7 yards of stash.  For a small community, that's a big effort. 

Our link, for those of you interested in joining us for the remainder of the year is:

Some of us are still grappling with matters of age and style.  I'm thinking of starting some posts to talk about some of these issues.   Every decade we change, and there are plenty of guides that talk about what to do in your 40's to early 50's, but precious little for those of us edging out of our 50's and into the next stage of our lives. 

Our weekend is starting, so to my friends in Oz, please enjoy it. To my friends overseas, you will be there soon...

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I would like to see the steps of a buttondown. I haven't made one before and I do have a nice pattern for one...

    1. I'll start posting tomorrow. When the blouse is finished I'll put the post into my tutorials page so you can look it up when you need to.

  2. What a lovely pile of pre-washed fabric - all those possibilities. Have a super weekend :)

    1. Yes, possibilities can be a problem - I need to anchor some of them down :)