Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Little Sewing Space ...

I have been really busy the last few weeks  sewing a few basics - I haven't had time to blog about them yet - or more honestly, I haven't felt like taking self timed photo's of them yet. When  all is complete I'll blog them.

Finished clothes
I'm not sure it is a good idea to show you my little creative space, because it tends to collect interesting things like fabric, patterns and so on.  Anyway, I am sure you will understand, so, here is a picture of some finished pants - two pairs, one navy, one black- made out of cotton drill.  They are 7/8ths length, with side pockets, and really comfortable - just what I want for house basics.  You can see the recent set of blouses peeping out from behind them. 

I'm also making a little straight skirt, a bit loose, for, once again, throwing on around the house in hot weather.  It's eeked out of the leftovers of the black cotton drill.

Work in Progress -Skirt
I work in a passage at the moment - it used to be a store area until I realised it's potential.  I have everything I need - including a little posture chair under the table!  Looks untidy, but I can get it when needed.

I used a lovely Indian screen to partition my little space off from the rest of the hallway.  Scarlett fits into one of the screen's little alcoves (she is usually covered - for dust protection and modesty!)  This is the cluttered end of my space.

And the other end is where I sew - not nearly so cluttered.  I can't work in a mess at all.  I have everything to hand - I use trays to store much used items on.

I would love a beautiful purpose built, light and airy studio.  It's on my future list, but for now, this will do nicely.  We don't plan to be here in a few years time, so it makes sense to enjoy what I have.

I hope you enjoy your little spaces too :)

Sarah Liz


  1. I sew on my dining table, so I am with you in the love for a beautiful light and airy (not too hot and not too cold) studio. I can't really sew in mess either so I actually feel compelled to tidy up my house before sewing, except that then I am usually too tired to do anything, but I guess finding the balance is part of the process in learning how to sew.

    Anyway I love how you made that space your own. What sort of sewing machine have you got?

    1. I first started on the top of a table as well - if you want to sew, you will sew anywhere :). And I can ignore certain jobs so that I do have time to sew, I just don't ignore the important ones.

      My machine is an old Bernina 217N. It is a semi industrial machine, I bought it very cheap years ago, and it should last forever. It is very basic but a very good machine to sew with. They are still made now.

  2. Thanks for sharing your space. Now I can imagine you sitting at your machine with a tape measure around your neck and a pin or two sticking from your lips. The pins are a bad idea so I'll erase that from my imagination. Love your ingenuity in using what space you have.

    1. Hi Mary, I think ingenuity comes from needs must most of my life - I try and always make the most of whatever situation I am in. Not sure if that is a good idea or whether it gets me into trouble, but still :)

  3. You have a well-stocked and beautifully functional space, the best sort in my opinion. It's hilarious that your dress form is cloaked for modesty.

    1. Yes, I need to have what I need to hand - and I do like functionality as well:) The modesty also serves a purpose - Newcastle still exports coal, and I have noticed that everything gets a sort of dust on it - and I really don't like that sort of thing getting into fabric items. Luckily only a few more years here, and then it is back to red dust :)