Monday, October 7, 2013

How to add a Button/Badge to your blog

Hi everyone - a few of you who are taking part in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge are not quite sure how to install the button/badge on your blog.

The button looks like this  only smaller and is on the top right hand corner of my sidebar.

  Below the Image, you will see a box with code written inside it.

Copy and Paste this into your widget layout.  Scroll all the way down the box to get all of the code.  The code then magically adds the button to your blog.  Anyone that is interested in this challenge will them be able to click on it and come to this site and find out about the challenge and join it.  If it becomes really large, then I will set up a photo album with our group name on it.

First and foremost, this is a challenge to encourage you to sew with other like minded people.  It is a challenge, really, for yourself.   Many sewers love to connect with others, and these sorts of sew-a- longs, that are self directed and self paced are a great way of doing that.

Back to adding a button.

If you use Blogger, go to the main dashboard.  On the left hand side you will find the menu.  Look for Layout.  Click on Layout.  That will take you to the layout page.  Click on add widget.  Then another page will come up.  This page has a number of options listed.  Scroll down until you find add HTML.  Click on this.  A box will open.  There is a title box.  Put something like "Sew-A-Long"in that.  Now remember that code you have copied?  There is a larger box underneath - past the code into that box.  Then press Save.  Click view blog - scroll through your widget area and you should find the button.  Check the button is where you want it, if not, re-arrange your widget layout.  Press save arrangement.

If this does not work, have another go - make sure you have all the code. 

And do look up how to add buttons to your blog as well - there are some bloggers who specialise in teaching blog techniques (I love these bloggers!).  They also have all the ways of saving blog layouts to their pages - I don't have those tools at the moment (my computer is being rebuilt so I am blogging with whatever I can at the moment - old laptop, mobile phone, tablet).

If you use Wordpress, you will need to go to your widget area.  Again, once you are in the main dashboard, you will find this in the list on the left hand side.   Go to appearance - the drop down menu will appear - choose Widgets.  Once in the widget area, you will see lots of widgets.  Choose the one that says Text - arbitrary text or HTML.  Drag that into the widget area.  A box should appear and you paste the code into that box.  Add a title if you like in the title area. 

Once again, there are plenty of bloggers who specialise in Wordpress techniques -so do have a look around if you need more help.

The best thing to do is just to play with these things until you get the hang of it.  It took me ages to work out how to do some of these things, now they are second nature.

Good luck, and can't wait to see your sewing for this month...

Sarah Liz  :)


  1. Thanks for this, Sarah Liz. Hopefully I followed your instructions correctly and have linked up with you. Sewing for this month is well underway ... J

    1. Judith, I've checked and you've installed it properly - well done. Looking forward to seeing that finished dress :)

  2. Thank you, Sarah Liz, I've got the button up on my blog!

  3. Thanks SarahLiz.. I will get it on my blog..

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your Indigo Junction top.

  4. Thanks you, SarahLiz, I would have never got that... :)