Saturday, October 12, 2013

Make a Garment a Month Challenge- Your Plans...

Hello everyone

This challenge has grown with lots of new participants joining us.  The blog roll has been updated - you will find it in two places - the top bar of this blog (you will also find the rules there) and on the sidebar.  That makes it easy for you to click through and find fellow participants blogs - always lovely to find new bloggers in the sewing world.  I had trouble adding some of you - the thumbnails are not showing.  Also I could not get one to load at all - so I added you as a "text".  I'll go back next week - I have new software on my computer, and I may need to look at the settings in case I have a problem with what I am using and the code Blogger is using.

Some of you are asking if it is too late to join - no, this is an ongoing challenge.  The only problem may be if you join late in a month that you will not have time to complete the garment.  don't worry though, just complete it the next and then make your garment a month from that point.

If I have forgotten anybody, please let me know -leave me a comment or email me,

Judith -

Has kicked off the month well - with not only plans but one dress nearly finished.

Judith is making a basic dress for work:

And wants to make this very lovely dress:

For her son's Valedictory in November.  I'd like to wish you well with the dress, and know this very special occasion will bring you great joy.

This is a gorgeous dress and is on my to-do list, and Beata's as well - is anyone else planning to make it :)

Andrea -

Andrea needs new clothes and is going to come up with a plan for her garment next week.  She was off to her studio to work on a LBD, which is also a UFO!


Coco is planning to make a much needed robe out of a cotton jersey - you must visit her blog for full details - she has written a great post documenting her thoughts and inspirations for this gown.

Burda Style 7297
Coco is planning to make the long version.

I think this is a stunning gown Coco, and it may go on my list as well :)


Marianne -

Marianne is planning to make a pair of jeans - she will be taking a Craftsy course by Kenneth King - in this course you learn how to copy a pair of your favourite jeans.

Louise -

Butterick 5890
Louise is  planning to make this Butterick blouse out of a purple/white fabric by Rose and Hubble.  She has made the blouse before - hopefully this will come together easily Louise :)

This is a garment on my wish list as well :)


JBB has drawn her inspiration this month from a combination of Coco Chanel ease and this relaxed ambiance:

She is going to use a pattern from Burda magazine August 2012:

And make a pair of pyjama pants to go with it.

I am really looking forward to seeing this inspiration take form :) - I wonder what colour are going to be used?

Miegan -

Simplicity 2057
 Is going to make Simplicity 2057.  She is making a short version with stand collar out of brown suiting wool.  She is also going to enter this coat in Pattern Review's lined jacket competition.

Always a good idea to double up your challenges :)


Kathy -

Kathy has this skirt well under way - she is inserting an invisible zip without an invisible zipper foot, which must be quite a challeng.

Gaye -

Gaye has changed her blog name from    I noticed the old link did not work, so thank you for letting me know Gaye.  I've changed the address on the blog roll.

  Gaye was going to make this lovely dress from Burda Style:

Burda Style "Danielle

Isn't this a beautiful dress - I would wear this as well - looking forward to seeing your variation Gaye.

Laura sews gorgeous historical costumes, and if I understand correctly, specialises in 12th century costume.  She is making a dress inspired by this gown, along with others, which you will find documented on her blog:
Laura has details of this dress on her blog - do visit
 She is working on the costume now and is using this gorgeous rayon/silk mix in colour Blackberry.

Such a luscious colour.  It's great to have someone in the group who sews these gowns.


Sharon is planning to make a raglan t-shirt from a Burda Style pattern:

Burda Style Raglan T-shirt
Sharon also has plans to complete a Chanel Style jacket that she started in March (at a workshop), a pencil skirt, and a denim style skirt in green twill.
Regina -

Butterick 5576
Regina plans to make this stunning skirt in a red and black cotton/polyester/spandex fabric.  This is going to look stunning Regina :)


Judy -

Indigo Junction Tunic Top
L  -

L is a little behind on sewing at the moment due to a demanding work load (I'm sure lots of you know that feeling - if not work, family and life demands!).  She is planning to make a jacket from
Simplicity 2365.

L has recently completed a gorgeous coat from an Indigo Junction pattern, so I hope this jacket fores just as well :)

Christy -

Christy has so many interesting sewing ideas, and this month she is planning to make a Halloween costume.  She is going to transform into a  Woodland Fairy.

Christy is going to use Simplicity 1550 for her costume - I'm really looking forward to seeing this Christy :)

Mrs Smith -

Mrs Smith is going to make the following blazer from a grey stretch knit:

Butterick 5926
This jacket is sized for knits - there are not many patterns for jackets sized for knits.

This is on my to do list as well :)


Hana is planning to make a dress and jacket - from the following fabric:

And using patterns from  BurdaStyle Special A/W 2013.

Hana sews exquisite clothes - if you don't know her, please go and say hello to her.

Velosewer -

Velosewer is  planning to  draft her own trousers from the  Winifred Aldrich pattern making book.

I am sure all of us will be watching your progress and cheering you on - trousers are always challenging, and I think a few of us will one day follow in your footsteps and find the drafting paper :)

Tash had as one of her personal goals sewing a garment a month, and is using this challenge to help her motivation.  Tash is going to sew something simple this month as she has realistically assessed the time she has available and feels that a simple garment is all that she can manage.  She is making the jacket from  Simplicity 2250:

She will be making it in a black ponte knit.  This is also part of a sew-a-long at Tash's local sewing group.

Leonie -

Leonie plans to make a simple, very slightly flared skirt from her SureFitDesigns skirt template.  She is using a linen, closed with an invisible zip and lined.
Rhonda -

Rhonda has a drawerful of UFO's and she is planning to use this challenge to empty this drawer :)

BeaJay -

BeaJay loves plans but admits that the follow through doesn't always happen, so she prefers to go with the flow.

And as for me, I am making up New Look 6095:
New Look 6095.
The muslins have been made and the dress made up - I'll post it next week.

If I have not found your post on your plans for this month, do let me know - I think I have included everyone that has posted them to date.  Just post a comment or email me

Is anyone (in addition to the current sewer making it) planning to make any of these garments in the future?  It will be great to see the variations.

That's it for now, happy sewing everyone...

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Fun, fun, fun!!!! So glad so many have jumped on the boat :)

  2. it looks like a lot of beautiful things are about to be created, can't wait to see all the finishes

  3. Some great plans out there - and some overachievers with multiple garments planned. I have decided to do another copy of my TNT (boring but I know it suits me).. Off to cut out.

    1. Yes, multiples are okay if you have the time, but one garment a month is a realistic goal for most of us. Nothing wrong with a TNT that works for you - it will look quite different in another fabric.

  4. October certainly is a busy sewing month for all of us - and now with all of those gorgeous garments posted my 'I-want-it' list has just grown ... J

    1. My "must have it" list has also grown - back to Spotlight while the sale is on for more patterns :)

  5. It's so nice to see many folks on board with the challenge. I love this community. =)

    I completed my top and blogged about it this morning. Thanks SL!

    1. It is lovely, I agree :) I'll be over to your blog to have a look....

  6. Lots of great plans here; I'm also hoping to get Butterick 5917 made up at some point...

  7. Aren't there, and more to come in November :). I have Butterick 5917 on my list too :)

    1. whoops, that was meant to be a reply to Melwyk :)

  8. I jumped on the boat, uploaded the icon and completed my December garment.

    Wooo whoo looking forward to January, 2014.