Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make a Garment a Month - Who's doing What so far...

Well, we are up and running and lots of you are on board to join this challenge. Some of you have already chosen your garment :  so far......

1. Leonie

Leonie is planning quite a few things for October, but specifically for this challenge she is planning to make a skirt from her Sure Fit Designs dress kit.  It is almost pencil shaped (very slightly flared) and will be lined, and with an invisible zip.  Leonie has a lovely dark brown stretch linen to make this in.  Leonie has posted her October plans so do pop over and say Hi.

2.  Judith

Judith is planning to make a dress, last reports the fabric was washed and cutting was planned...

3. Marianne  -

Marianne is planning to make jeans.  She is doing a course on Craftsy, run be Kenneth King on how to copy your favourite jeans without taking them apart.  She has a stretch blue fabric for this project - she has a post up already about her plans, so do  please have a look at Marianne's lovely blog.

4.  Gaye -

Gaye is planning to make Burdastyle's "Danielle" :

Burdastyle - Danielle dress

Gaye has chosen a gorgeous fabric for this.  Gaye is also new to the blogosphere, so do pop over and say hi.

5.  Kathy S -

Kathy is planning to make Vogue 1247 skirt by Rachel Comey.  I think that is in my list as well - so many gorgeous versions in the blogosphere.

Looking forward to seeing it Kathy :) - and it'son my "to do" list as well .

6.  Karen -

Karen is planning to make and replace her whole wardrobe over the next year - she has detailed all her plans on her new blog.  Looking forward to seeing your first garment choice Karen.

7.  Rhonda -

Rhonda is going to tackle her UFO's - maybe this month a black cashmere coat for winter.

And lastly, me :)

I'm in the middle of making muslins for New Look 6095: 

 I have an exceptionally straight back and I knew this would cause fitting issues:  

This dress is designed for someone with a lot more curvature than mine - that zip is just a big pouch on me - my back is very straight.  Unfortunately I can't find any alterations guidelines for this - I think I'll just take out the zip curve on the pattern and straighten it - I obviously don't need the curve.

 I'll do a blog post on my project next week.

I'll be paying everyone a visit over the next week or so to see what you are doing - then letting everyone know here - this is a great way for everyone to meet new bloggers and see more sewing :)

Also, some of you are not sure how to install a blog button on the sidebar with the HTML code.  I'll do a quick post on that tomorrow.

And here is the up-to-date blog roll.  You can find a copy anytime on the top toolbar of my blog - Make a Garment a Month Challenge.

Happy sewing everyone,

Sarah Liz :)


(If I have left any of you off this roll, please do let me know :))

Andrea -

Nothy Lane

Gaye -


BeaJay -

Judith -

L -









Dorothy Dot Dot:

Kathy S-


Robin -

Accordion 3 -

Awilda -



Melanie -


Karen - 

JB Sews - JB doesn't yet blog but she is working on that :)
Charmel - no blog that I am aware of - let me know if you have one Charmel. 


  1. Looks like a great group. I can't wait to get a few of my things out of my unfinished drawer and on my body!

    1. It is a great group Rhonda, full of nice people. Go the UFO's...

  2. The badge is on my blog. Will be doing a post later. So happy to be joining in :)

    1. I'll visit your blog later and see what you are up to - I will update in a few days with everyone's news :) I'm really happy that you are joining us :)

  3. Add me to the list, Sarah Liz! I'll grab that button and get busy in the studio today making plans. So far I know I will be taking in a skirt today, and matching some patterns up with fabric.

    1. Andrea, I think I said I would, and I think I didn't, so thank you so, so much for reminding me. I'm sure the whole group is looking forward to seeing what pattern and fabric you choose :)

  4. Woo hoo - go team. I am going through my patterns deciding on what to do for my first garment.

    1. I'm thrilled you are joining us BeaJay - got to keep that SewJo up and running :) Looking forward to seeing your plans :)

  5. Love this pattern you are making up. Must pop it onto the 'wish-list!' My dress is washed, cut and partly sewn! It might even be finished to wear to work next week - unbelievable!

    1. Thanks Judith, not without it's challenges :) It is lovely though. You have certainly been busy - a long weekend should see it finished :) .

  6. Eek! I am behind on many things - including work! I find being behind in work to be ironic since it's work that's kept me up late the last week! How wrong is that? =)

    Anyway...I cut out another version of Simplicity 2365 and hope to have that sewn soon. I have a few more projects in the mix as well - one of which that was inspired by your Kwik Sew pants. =)

  7. Work has a habit of growing when you are busy tending another part somewhere else. Makes it tricky to fit in sewing - the little a day habit helps here :)

  8. Count me in!

    October will be an unlined knit blazer and perhaps I'll get to a lined jacket for the PR contest.


    1. Great to have you with us - as Rhonda commented, this is a great group :)

  9. Wow, what a turnout! So many new blogs to check out - hopefully I can drag myself away from the computer to make my own garment!
    Sarah, fitting issues are so annoying, particularly if you have a problem area behind you which is impossible to reach!! My suggestion - get a fitting buddy (even a reluctant husband or child) to keep pinning the CB seam in until you have a line and fit you're happy with. Then get them to draw the pin line on the muslin for you so you can transfer the adjustment to the pattern when you've got yourself out of the dress. HTH

    1. Isn't it a great turn out - just shows that we all like to have some company - just like the old days, where sewing was solitary, but then women would have meet ups for company. Yes, you do have to be disciplined with the computer. I have a dedicated daily blog session, and stick to it - it's a good session, and I enjoy it, then it's back to whatever needs doing :)

      Those are good suggestions Leonie - my DH is starting his apprenticeship. The camera is also very helpful.

  10. Looking forward toi following everyone's progress and there are so many new blogs to follow now. Speaking of which, for several reasons (which I won't go into here) I have changed my blog address. You can now find me at:

    Sorry for the inconvenience but better now than later.

    Happy sewing everyone

  11. Hi Gaye - I couldn't add you or get to you on the other address, so I knew something had happened - I had a feeling that perhaps the name attracted undesirable visitors. I'll add you tomorrow :)

  12. Hi Sarah Liz. I have only just discovered this great event. Too late to join? Hope not!!