Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Hello and Welcome to New Followers.

Hello everyone,

Sunday again which means it's time to welcome new followers to my blog - pdiddly, Candyce, Jo, Pegsewer, Studiofaro and Farhana on this blog, and F.T. Haskett and Sarah on Bloglovin.

I don't know what your week has been like, but mine has had it's share of frustrations - the iron decided to stop working, the washing machine was starting to balk, and the tedious quarterly BAS statement looms, so paperwork to go through.

But that week has past, a new iron and washing machine are in place and most of the data entry for the BAS statement has been done.

And: I completed my Make a Garment a Month Challenge dress! 

I will model this next week and then write my post about the dress.  It took me a while to work out what the fitting problems where, but I did solve them.

I'll write an extensive post on fitting using this dress as an example.  I know that one of you has been making this dress and has experienced some frustrations with the fit.  I'll try to talk about that as well, and also touch on style as well - shifts suit me, but not all body shapes.

I also received an email from one of my readers asking me how I knew how to fix problems.  Most books talk about specific problems, and solutions, but you also have to know a little bit of theory.  I'll try and talk about this in my fitting posts next week.

In November I will be making another dress as my Make a Garment a Month Challenge, and I will document all the steps I took to fit the dress.  Even if you draft a sloper to your own measurements it doesn't always mean that you have all the fitting and style issues sorted out - bottoms sag, shoulder blades can be more or less protuberant and so on. 

I have finished my garment of the month so now need to start something else.  Not sure what yet - I have some horrible black stash I want to get rid of , so I might trial a couple of patterns with the goal of having wearable muslins at the end.

Now I must go and attend to some household jobs ....and as it has been a hot day, check the garden is not too dry.

Do have a good week everyone, where ever you are, and all the best with your sewing plans...

Sarah Liz


  1. That dress is lovely. It looks so comfortable to wear. You are right - shifts are not for us all! You do feel a little saintly when you use your stash! Cheers, Karen

    1. Yes, trouble is the halo slips frequently as the stash also grows :)

  2. lovely dress and thanks for the welcome

  3. Really like that dress! congratulations on solving the fitting issues. That is an accomplishment...

    I would like to join your "Garment a Month" challenge. I don't have my own blog - hope I can still join the challenge. :-)

    but I will be making a pair of pants for my October garment. I hope to get them done before month's end. I will pick out my pattern and fabric and let you know what they are.


    1. Hi Chris, of course you can join - let me know what you are doing, as you suggested, and then when you have finished the garment, send me an email with the picture and I can post it to show everyone. My email is

  4. That's a very nice little dress! Black fabric works for just about everything doesn't it, you can never go wrong with black :)

  5. So sorry about your washer and iron going out.. But proud it is all behind you.. Have a great new week!!!
    Your dress looks great, can't wait for the post,and photo.. thanks in advance for the upcoming post.

    1. Thank you - and I'll be doing a fitting post on Thursday :)