Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Well Wishes and Welcome to New Followers

 Hello everyone,

Another sewing week has flown by and it's time once again (as I usually do on Sunday) to welcome this week's new followers to my blog.  So welcome guyaneseista, Joyce in NY, and Lagina, who are following via the blog, and Lisa and J.P. Stevens who are following via Bloglovin.

Do feel free to say hi and comment at any time.

This week we had quite a discussion on  how thread could cause all sorts of problems with different sewing machines.  We also discussed various ways of sewing time management.  We all have different approaches - some prefer to do longer sessions,  and I tend to break the job into parts and fit it into whatever else goes on - and then have longer sessions.  It's lovely finding out the differences in our approaches to sewing and learning new ways of viewing and doing sewing.

October is drawing to an end, and lots of garments are being completed for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.  I found two more of you had finished garments today, and one of you has already posted November plans - so next weeks update will include all of you.  So if you are finished your garment, do please label your post clearly - I only want to post the garment you want me to post. 
I'm not sure what my November garment will be yet - I have to decide - you all know how difficult that can be - so many choices :-)
 With my daily approach to sewing - a little a day keeps the sewjo flowing - I have completed a few garments.  Next week I will start posting these...
That's it for now, so everyone, everywhere, wishing you all the best for next week...
Sarah Liz :-) 


  1. Have a great week.. Look forward to seeing what you have made.

  2. Thank you Judy :). You have a good week as well.

  3. Wishing you a great week too! Looking forward to seeing what you are making. Will be using your 'sew a little bit' every day to keep moving forward!

    1. Thank you Lisa. Yes, the "sew a little bit everyday does pay dividends much more quickly than you would imagine :)