Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Little White Dress Contest on Pattern Review

Pattern Review Contest 1/2014

Pattern Review  is currently running it's first contest for the year, the Little White Dress Contest.  I have decided this year to enter this contest.  I decided to use a pattern I have already used, New Look 6095, and use some fabric from my stash.

I have enlarged the photo to show you the fabric - I am using up some embroidered crinkle cotton/cheesecloth.  I originally bought the fabric to use as a wrap when I had to attend a beach wedding.  It has since sat in my stash for at least ten years waiting for inspiration to strike.  Well, inspiration didn't strike, but this contest did.  I rummaged through the stash and found this - and decided I would make a lightweight summer shift dress out of it.  A further rummage unearthed some white voile which I will use as a lining. 

This garment will also be my official garment of the month for February for the make a garment a month challenge.  It will also be one of my stashbusting garments - I pledged  to make a minimum of six garments this year from stash.

This will be quite a tricky garment to make as I will be using french seams for both the outer and inner garment- and how do you french seam a back seam with an invisible zip above it?  I'll have to work that out as I go along...

That's it for now,

Sarah Liz


  1. good luck :-) It does sound tempting and I do have some nice white broadcloth in my stash ... realistically though a white dress wouldn't stay white for any length of time. I am looking forward to seeing your dress at the end.

  2. Go for it! This pattern and fabric will make up a brilliant LWD ~ keep us up-to-date with those tricky French seams ... such a challenge ... J

  3. White dresses and French seams, you really sew up your themes!

  4. I'm sure it feels great to finally have found a use for a fabric after 10 years? I get an odd satisfaction from it - proving that I was right to hang onto it all that time!

  5. Hong Kong seam in the zip, French seams everywhere else!

    Looking forward to seeing this.

  6. Good luck with the contest, I look forward to seeing your dress. I don't think I have ever stitched french seams in my life. Perhaps they should be my challenge for February :-)

  7. What accordion said! Easy peasy :)

    Kathy S French seams aren't hard. You're just basically stitching your seams twice. But it's pretttttty :)

    Good luck SarahLiz!! Can't wait to see it!

  8. Best wishes on your dress. I love your pattern and fabric choices. Can't wait to see it.. Happy sewing.

  9. This will look so lovely! I have used Hong Kong finished on the seams with the invisible zip and French seams elsewhere. However over at the Marfy sew along there is a great tutorial if you can eliminate the back seam, you can still have your zip, Susan Khalje shows us how