Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Little White Dress Contest - The Dress...

I have finished making a  little white dress for the pattern review little white dress contest.  It's been one of those do a bit every evening jobs.  I also rewarded myself with a day off after working extra time with moving my husband's practice. So I could settle down and put the zip in yesterday.

The contest stipulates that white or a near white colour must be used.  If there is a pattern it must also be in white (or the near white colour).  I used a ivory coloured  crinkly cheesecloth with embroidary (from my stash) and a white cotton voile for the lining.  The pattern I used was New Look 6095.

I have used this pattern before but in crisper weave cottons. This dress is a lot softer and more fluid.

I wanted a dress that would be comfortable in very hot (over 100 degree) conditions, or very comfortable in very humid conditions.  So I wanted the dress to be in natural fibres and loose.   I also wanted a dress that is easy to move in as I am an active sort of person and hate clothes that are tight.  This dress has quite a large amount of ease, and even the sleeves are quite large - absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.  Of course, with the crinkle nature of the cheesecloth, I couldn't press any of the seams (the lining seams of course I could) - so, this dress has not been pressed.  I think the results are quite good.  When the dress is washed I will ease sleeves and zip seams into the right sort of behaviour.

I used french seams for both inner and outer dresses.  I inserted an invisible zip in the back and then stitched french seams down the remainder of the back seam in both inner and outer dresses.

The sleeves are bagged out and the armscye seam is finished with binding.

I have written a separate post about how I made this dress - and specifically how I inserted the zip with the french seams.  You can find that post here.

The competition also stipulates that we enter a minimum of three photos, one to be of the dress with no accessories, one to be with daytime accessories, and one to be with evening accessories.

(This is always the hardest part - those self timed pictures that always turn out blurry but you don't know until you download them, and then you have to start again - except I never have time for that!).

Accessories in my book are shoes, jewellery, belts, scarves and bags.  Well, this dress is designed for hot weather and to be worn loose, so a belt is out of the question.

This is a dress that has a very casual elegance about it, so I decided that my accessories had to reflect that.  I choose some little gold flat sandals for day, with a shell necklace, and little pewter kitten heels sandals for evening, with pearls.  If the evening cools down, I thought an ivory coloured pashmina would work as a cover up.

            gold daytime sandals and pewter kitten heel sandals for evening

shell necklace, pearls, pashmina accessories.
 I took pattern review's suggestion of wearing the dress with no accessories rather seriously.  Of course, I am still wearing my watch and pearl earrings, because I never go without them :).

Anyway, I think on a hot day it's quite likely I would take shoes off as soon as possible!  So here is the dress with no accessories:

Cool, soft, fluid and comfortable. Perfect for the heat.  And it looks good just by itself.

My daytime look, with a white shell necklace and little flat gold tone sandals is next:

A second shot - there are always going to be soft wrinkles in this sort of dress, but they are the sort that belong also to the crinkly nature of cheesecloth - it's all very soft and forgiving and by the end of the photo session, they had fallen out!  That's the sort of dress I like.

And my evening look - with pearls and pewter kitten heel sandals:

You will want to see the back:

For a dress that can't be pressed, that back zip looks pretty good, as does the seam below - no puckers at all.

And as the evening cools, I will put on my pashmina:

I think I will enjoy wearing this little dress :). 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, where ever you are...

Sarah Liz


  1. I'm sure you will enjoy wearing your LWD too Sarah. Great job.

  2. Very elegant, good luck with the competition

  3. lovely and meets your brief perfectly

  4. cool & comfy! Looks great on you...
    :-) chris

  5. It is beautiful!

    Remind us when it is time to vote.

    1. Thank you, and I will try and remember :)

  6. It is so cute and you look very happy.

  7. It is so cute and you look very happy.

  8. nice job! I look the wrap with it!

  9. Beautiful.. Looks fantastic on you.. Love the sandals with it....Happy sewing.

  10. Good on you for entering. This will be a lovely dress to wear to dinners and high tea:)

  11. Replies
    1. It is Andrea - I like all my clothes to be very wearable in most situations :)

  12. I love looking at the coolness of your dress. It looks like it will be very comfortable in the warmer weather.
    It was a great idea to use the more textured fabric, I have a lot in my stash and never know how to use it.

    1. Thank you - that was the problem I had too Annette - I had looked at this fabric for years, and couldn't work out how to use it - and then the idea came with this contest.

  13. Perfect little white dress and love how you have styled it, classic in all ways.