Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Lovely Comments and Blog Chit Chat.

I just want to post a quick thank you note to all of you who have been so helpful recently with all your tips about sewing knits.  I can't say that I have always enjoyed learning to handle knits, but I'm a great believer in jumping in and learning how textiles work - and then I go and read what to do next.  It might sound back to front, but it works for me.  I would never start anything if I tried to do everything right from the word go - I think I would just be overwhelmed :).

So thank you for telling me about seam stabilisers, needles, and how to do hems.  Some of the products you mention are not available easily where I live, but they can go on my shopping list for when I place orders "elsewhere".

I've also ordered a book on how to sew knits - I can see there is a whole world of knit garments and fabrics to be explored.  I have ordered this:

Nancy Zieman - Sew Knits with Confidence.
 It will take a couple of weeks to arrive - I've cut out a couple more t-shirts and will make them up, but I am in awe of some of my more stretchy viscose knits.  Time to start learning more!

I know there are also good courses on Craftsy - and I do watch Threads videos as well, but I love books - I find them better to read at night (did you know that the light from computers upsets the sleep cycle?  I make sure I turn my white light sources off at 7.30 pm, and revert to reading on paper).
I have been exceptionally busy over the last few weeks helping my husband move his practice.  It's not over yet, but the worst has been done and we are at least operating again.  

So I have not had so much time to sew - I've made muslins, and done some cutting out, and hopefully can get back into a daily sewing routine.  Half and hour a day keeps the blues at bay and also helps to make a garment:)

I also start my new study program tomorrow  - I'm actually looking forward to one of the subjects - advanced data analysis - but I think tomorrow I might change my mind.   So sewing will be structured in as a reward for doing my work.  And when I finish an assignment, I think stashing should be listed as a reward too!

So in the next few weeks I will be back to a blog routine - a main post once a week with smaller inbetween if there is sewing news to report.  I'll also be redoing my blog roll to make sure that all my regular followers are on my roll - most of you are on my blogger feed.

Sarah Liz


  1. Oh! Will you do a book review when it arrives? Promising title!
    Good to hear the worst is over and the practice is operating again just before your study starts. Wish you lots of success!

  2. So happy to hear, that the move is progressing and soon to be finished.. The book looks like a good one.. Know you will enjoy it.. Have a great day. and best wishes with your studies.

  3. That book does look interesting ~ keep us posted as to all the knit-tricks you learn along the way! And good luck for tomorrow, should be an exciting time ahead for you ... J

  4. Yes, the book looks good. I've enjoyed reading all the tips, too, but haven't jumped in the water yet. Like you, I prefer books - and having sorted out what I have for a sewing area, I realise that I have a lot of books. I never look at the couple of ebooks I bought. In my previous life, before I retired, sleep issues were a huge issue and advising against computers before bed was one of my repertoire of recommendations (I was a child and adolescent psychiatrist). Do review the book when you get it please - and perhaps I may review the Craftsy course I bought - but you won't be surprised to know I haven't looked at it yet! I liked your inspired by the movies top.

  5. I've wondered about that book too. She just published an autobiography recently and I'm thinking of ordering that too. Good luck with all your 'new beginnings' this week!

  6. Best wishes with your new classes!