Wednesday, October 15, 2014

On The Blog Hop :)

Last week I found out that the lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon Sew had nominated me for the wonderful global blog hop.  Hana's sewing is exquisite - always very careful and she also shows you the inside of her garments, along with full details of how the garment is made.  Her posts are always so detailed, it is hard to believe her first language is not English.  She now writes her blog to practice writing in English, which I find amazing given that her language is so structurally different from English.  Not only is Hana amazing, she is also a very lovely, ethereal presence in our sewing community.  Thank you for thinking of me as kind - I do like to encourage other sewers, I think because I used to be a  nurse :)

So thank you very much for nominating me Hana. And thank you for your lovely compliments when you nominated me in your blog hop post.


I write because I wanted to explore and experience  the world of sewing more fully.  I had enjoyed reading sewing blogs for about twelve months before I finally decided to start a blog of my own.  I don't think I had a clue what I was doing, but sometimes the only way to find out what to do is to start doing it (the same goes for sewing as well).   My first post was mostly words and went on and on about sewing goals - if you really want to be bored, here it is...

My second post was more visual and introduced a subject I occasionally write about:

When I finally posted a garment, I was too shy to wear it and take a self timed photo of my self:

Sarah Liz 01/2013 - New Look 6103.
I think I have just wandered down memory lane - and have avoided the question of why I write.   Really, I enjoy writing my blog.  It's a little bit of peace and quiet time, getting sewing ideas in order, thinking about how to improve. Writing about what you have sewn makes you think about sewing more - if I make something that doesn't work out, in the past it might have gone in the bin, lesson unlearnt.  Now, even if something doesn't work, I post it.  If it isn't perfect, I post it - and sometimes I am happy with imperfect, as RTW often is imperfect (certainly the fit)  as well - and my imperfect is a lot better than RTW imperfect. And because I am going to write about what I have sewn and share it with you, it makes me think about the sewing process before I start, so in a way, writing helps me to improve my sewing.

Like many of you, I don't tend to self promote - on the odd occasion that I have mentioned that I write a blog,  I have been asked "What on?" When I say sewing, this seems to rather suddenly ends the conversation.    Even if I say I sew, it is assumed I do craft, not really make my own clothes! I mean, aren't clothes things you buy RTW??  Little do they understand the secret and wonderful world of sewing your own clothes...

So:  mostly I write nowadays to connect with all you wonderful sewing bloggers out there :) so we can discuss patterns and techniques and how we dart, why we trim, how to get the sagginess out of rear ends and all the other things we are obsessed with :)


Vogue 1390
 I have just made a simple off-white linen top, based on the Sandra Betzina dress pattern shown above.  I'll give you a little glimpse of it below - the post for this will probably be written this weekend.

I am now making my second version of this top - it is quick and easy to sew, with no zips or buttons, and it is over sized and semi-fitted, so there is not much to fit.  Quick, simple, satisfying, instant gratification sewing.  Sometimes you need that don't you think?


I am tempted to say, as most have, that is really doesn't differ much from other sewing blogs. And then I thought a little more about this.  I guess I am now thinking about what makes sewing blogs different - and I had not given much thought to this before.  Some blogs have a personality at the helm - and some examples I am  thinking of  include  scruffybadgertime  and  heather b.

Other blogs feature meticulous and detailed sewers, like lovely Sharon from Petite and Sewing.

And some focus on retro sewing - I'm not greatly into that, being a bit retro-aged myself. 

And some blogs (most really) are just wonderful ordinary sewers blogging about their sewing adventures.
I think I am more in the classification of ordinary sewing blogger.  Haphazard, poorly lit, self timed photos on a small automatic camera.  Eclectic approach to blogging.  An ordinary approach to sewing.  A bit like me in real life really, just an ordinary person.  Trying to fit sewing into everyday life.  So, I think I fall into this category of sewing blogger.

Of course, in my wildest dreams, I have great photos taken by someone who knows how to use a camera so that all I do is stand and twirl and get all those wonderful shots.  And  all the time and money in  the world to style my sewing.  Except I don't think this is really me!!

Maybe it's time to just relax and be myself a little more on the blog and maybe bring out my impish sense of humour.  There really is one lurking there, but being, like a lot of  sewing bloggers, a little on the introverted side, it tends to stay hidden.

I think really it takes care of itself.  I do try to post regularly although this year I have had to post less frequently as life had a few ups and downs earlier this year.  My writing style chops and changes according to how busy I am.  I basically use pictures as I think these are the quickest way of telling a story.  Usually I don't write much at all - for very sound reasons. I completed a midlife B.Arts. -  I majored in Drama and Screen Studies.   In Screen Studies,  I studied early interactive narratives and the emerging and diverging technologies (yes, it's not all watching nice films and plays!!)  While blogging was originally writing (using HTML, how time consuming) it is now much different, and easy to use and access, with ability to use visual material.  Many blogs are read on mobile devices and on the run. People move quickly through blogs, and then onto the next one - and stop and linger if there is something of interest or if they are connected to the blogger. 

 Some blogs of course are very content rich and detailed, and have great audiences.  I don't have the time or resources to do that, so I structure my blogs with pictures that are not too large (so they can be downloaded quickly) and with simple written phrases linking the pictures, so that it makes them easy for people to access the information quickly. I do read other people's blogs that are more wordy, but prefer to keep mine in this structure at the moment.  That may change one day, if I get enough time to be content rich and visually inspiring (there's that grandiose dream again!).   It also stops me going on and on and on, not such a bad thing, because believe you me, I could bore you endlessly if I was allowed to go on and on and on and on...

 And right now, I think I have gone on and on and on quite enough :)


As part of the blog hop acceptance, I need to pass the baton on.  I decided that I would look for a blog that was new to me, because I thought it would also be new to you as well.  That way, we all get to meet a new blogger, unless of course, you already know her.  I'm introducing a self taught sewist who has, like all of us, gone through the trial and error of fitting and she has learnt to use  more advanced techniques - she has most impressive skills and has made the most inspiring garments. Introducing Sewing dreams blog...  

I am a bit out of my comfort zone in nominating a stranger, so I hope she is not offended.  She is making some wonderful garments.
Once again Hana, thank you very much for nominating me.

Sarah Liz 

The lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon passed the blog hop onto little ole' me.  I love Hana's blog because (a.) she make beautiful things, (b.) her attention to detail is amazing,  (c.) I love reading about her construction process and (d) she lives in a exotic locale (Macau).     Thank you Hana!!
- See more at:
e lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon passed the blog hop onto little ole' me.  I love Hana's blog because (a.) she make beautiful things, (b.) her attention to detail is amazing,  (c.) I love reading about her construction process and (d) she lives in a exotic locale (Macau).     Thank you Hana!! - See more at:
e lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon passed the blog hop onto little ole' me.  I love Hana's blog because (a.) she make beautiful things, (b.) her attention to detail is amazing,  (c.) I love reading about her construction process and (d) she lives in a exotic locale (Macau).     Thank you Hana!! - See more at:
e lovely Hana from Velvet Ribbon passed the blog hop onto little ole' me.  I love Hana's blog because (a.) she make beautiful things, (b.) her attention to detail is amazing,  (c.) I love reading about her construction process and (d) she lives in a exotic locale (Macau).     Thank you Hana!! - See more at:


  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Sarah Liz. Thank you.

  2. Great to learn more about you.

  3. This is why I like reading your blog: you're not trying to be anything other than who you are. This is what draws me to the blogs I read regularly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading this post and even more convinced that I will be a faithful follower. =)

    1. Yes, there is something to be said for communicating with the real person behind the blog- especially so, because sometimes you are lucky enough to meet that person :)

    2. Indeed!! =) Good times and great, long-lasting memories!

    3. Hopefully we will meet again one day :)

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I am not offended at all, in fact I was a bit overwhelmed to be nominated (and I will accept the challenge). Thank you so much for your kind words, and now I willl have a look at your blog :-)

    1. I'm glad you are not offended, and I think many of us are familiar with feeling overwhelmed when we are nominated for something. I meant it sincerely - your sewing is lovely, and I hope some of my followers find you through my blog :)

  5. Hello Sarah Liz. I was so glad that you accepted the baton and I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and can not wait for your finished top :)

    I like to discover a new blogger too, so I'll take a look and say hi to Sewing Dream Blog..

    1. It was a pleasure, Hana - and the top is looking good.

      You will like Sewing Dream Blog.

  6. How lovely to read more about you, all very interesting and I enjoy coming here and seeing what you have made or what you are up to. Thank you very much for the lovely compliment :)

  7. Enjoyed getting to know your thoughts behind your blog here.... even though I've been regularly reading your blog for over a year now. It clearly comes through your writing that you are a kind, funny and intelligent woman, and I am so grateful to you for offering a way to bring some of us garment sewers together.... to have an encouraging, supportive place of community, particularly for this newcomer to garment sewing. Your blog is always inspiring, I've learned lots from you and look forward to seeing what you are making next!