Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Nice Little Knit Tee Top.

This week I made Kwik Sew 3036.  The plan was to make View B, but that plan got modified as the sewing proceeded.
 Kwik Sew  3036
 I used a piece of leftover knit from last week's project.  I purchased it from Spotlight last year for $5.00 per metre - it was one of their unidentified job lots.  Most pieces were polyester and nylon, but this was a good quality piece - I'd say it is a viscose, as it drapes and handles nicely and is lovely to wear.

I broke from my normal habit and didn't make a muslin to check the fit.  I did lay the pattern out against one that does fit, so I knew that the top was somewhere around right.  And as this was a quick simple project, as far as I was concerned, I just wanted to get on with it :).

I cut size Small, and added 1 inch (2 cms) to the sleeve length as I don't like sleeves that are very short.

When I had sewn the shoulder seams and tried the top on,  I could see that the neck was going to be far too wide for me.  The pattern suggests turning the neck edge in and stitching, which would have made the neckline even larger.  A small neckband was not going to solve the problem.   

I did have about six inches (15 cms) of fabric leftover.  You will see from the pattern photo that view C has a cowl neckband.  I decided to use the neck edge of the cowl to work out what size to cut my strip, and then used to full width of my leftover and made a roll collar.  This fills in the neck hole nicely and allows me to wear this top instead of putting it into the wadder pile.

It's a little heavy for the top, but I don't mind -it's a salvaged project, so I'm pleased :).
Otherwise this is a straightforward sew and serge/overlock project.

Now for the views:


There is some pooling in the back from my narrow back, but then I was only trialling the pattern so I am unconcerned.  As I have to take out for a narrow back, this is quite tricky and not an easy alteration.  I only do this alteration for garments that I really want to fit well.

A close up of the roll neckband:

The strange wrinkles and sideways tilt of the top are due to the fact that I am actually kneeling on the floor for this picture, with the camera on a stool.  It's the only way I can do a close up at the moment - my tripod is not tall enough for a standing shot.  So the pose  distorts my upper body and the sit of clothing.  Still, the picture does give you and idea of how the roll band/collar filled in the neckline that was far too large :).

By the way, those of you that left comments last week about using Kwik Sew and New Look for knit garments - I quite agree, Kwik Sew always seem to nail  a knit garment.   I haven't used New Look patterns enough to be able to consider what I think of them.

That's it for this week. Take care everyone, wherever you are...

Sarah Liz :)


  1. I laughed a little at the kneeling! :)

    Very nice top in a pretty color -- and great save by adding the collar!!

  2. Sarahliz, so happy you were able to change plans , and to be able to wear your new top.. It really looks good on you, Color is great.. Happy sewing, and hope you two, had a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Another lovely top, Sarah Liz. The roll collar frames your face nicely and was a good way to fill in an over large neckline.

  4. I have to admit to just wanting to get on with it on numerous occasions. I think the collar bit suits you very well, especially with the shorter hair that you have now. Happy Sewing :-)

  5. What a good save, SarahLiz. I often have the same problem, the neck too low/wide. This is a good way to rescue the situation, and looks attractive too.

  6. You've got the right attitude here! It's so easy sometimes, to get bogged down in the 'problem', but your quick decision to turn the neckline into a cowl was perfect! The top looks cute on you and the neckline gives it a unique, finished look. Great top!
    P.S. Had to laugh about your kneeling on the floor for the shot!

    1. Thank you - I try not to obsess over problems too much - easy to do when sewing for yourself, not so easy for other people though :)

  7. I agree with everyone, very lovely top and you did a good solution on the neckline :)

  8. Great solution to the neckline-I like it!!!

  9. Looks great, good choice with the neckline :)x

  10. That neckline looks nice on you! Good call! I sometimes have to knee for photos too when my kids steal my tripod....

    1. Thank you. - And - The things we bloggers do :) that the eye does not see :).

  11. Yours looks better then the pattern:)

  12. Lovely top. I love the colour. It looks great!