Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March review.


No, I have not disappeared into the dark nether regions of the blogosphere, never to be heard or seen again.  It's just that I haven't posted for the last two weeks because I have been so busy  sewing   studying hard.    There is a lot of writing we have to submit early next week.  I have made two things, and of course, my usual sewing substitute when studying, stashing on the side.


A piece of knit, and a lovely wool/polyester blend tweed.
Poplin, for when I next need to make DH a nightshirt.
Polyester ponte and ?acrylic rib knit from Op Shop.
Stashed: 1 metre of cotton, nylon/ Spandex knit
2 metres of black and white tweed
2.5 metres of polyester knit from op shop
2 metres  of polyester ponte weight knit, op ship

8 metres of nightshirt fabric for replacements, DH. This doesn't really count as it is not for me!

Purchased and used - 2 meters of fleecy
Used from stash - 2.1 of poly/nylon rib (jacket) 

So, the stash has increased again! by 3.5 metres approximately.
I only purchased one pattern, and that is to replace one that has been cut and not able to be easily re-used.  No Burda Magazines, no PDF's. I have been quite restrained  virtuously studying.

I've converted this pattern

to this jacket, first made as a wearable muslin in a polyester-nylon rib knit fabric. 

And a second version in a tracksuit fleece, polyester and cotton.  Warm and snuggly.

And I have also started work on this shirt.  I hope to have a post about this in a few days time:

A very hasty post, a very quick review of the month, now back to study.  Groan.  Still, the semester will be over in a few months, and then I will be having a holiday in the second half of the year.  Well deserved,   after all the hassle of sorting out  problems with  DH's practice in the last two years.  Who would have thought my early training would have come back to help and haunt me at this stage in life!    More later :)

I hope you are all happy and sewing,

Sarah Liz


  1. Your restraint is impressive! Just a few goodies to reward yourself for all the hard studying. I have heard that higer brain functioning requires stashing for optimal results. You should be well fueled now. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Maureen - and you have heard correctly about stashing and brain function :)

  2. Replies
    1. I am sure you are busy your end as well :)

  3. Those fabrics are lovely :) I am sure you will make some pretty garments some day :)
    Best of luck on your study and take care :)

    1. Yes, I plan too - but when I have more time - otherwise I might ruin them - the tweed I certainly would not rush :)

  4. Love the fabrics Sarah Liz :) And good luck with the studies x

  5. Good luck with your studies!

    And March was a great month for you; love that jacket!

    P.S., the fabric for DHs night shirts does NOT count! :-p

  6. Even when you're 'not busy' you always seem to get a lot accomplished! Great additions to the stash and cute new pattern. Good luck with your studies! You do deserve a vacation!!!!!

    1. Yes, I guess I am a bit that way! And thank you:)

  7. Best wishes with your studies.. Love your new fabrics.. [when you can't sew..the next best thing is... buying fabric..ha]
    Of course, when you buy fabric for sewing for does not
    Your jacket is so pretty..
    I really like the new shirt pattern, anxious to see it.

    1. Thank you Judy - and I agree, stashing is a sort of sewing substitute.