Saturday, September 5, 2015

Refashioned Top....

I made a little black and white t-shirt two years ago. It was one of my early forays into sewing with knits, and I really did not like the stitching inside the neckband - it was a little untidy.  I never felt happy every time I looked at the inside of that band.   And so the top languished.  The other problem was that it looked too much like the RTW styles that have been popular over the last few years.  And this is not a RTW top, but a Sarah Liz Sew Style top.  And, it was a very nice Japanese knit fabric, so it is a shame not to wear it.  So, I decided to refashion the top into a more stylish (I hope) and original looking garment.

This was the original top, also blogged here.

I had a small piece left over, which I had made into a twist scarf, and very rarely ever wore:


I carefully unpicked the neckband on the top and took the scarf to pieces.  I cut a collar from the scarf piece.  I thought about making a cowl collar, but you need crosswise stretch for these, and my small leftover piece was cut along the grainline and had very little stretch.  So I played with the piece, and decided that a loose collar shape would sit well, go over my head (essential) and generally work. It did:

And the sewing along the neckline looks nice and neat.  Blissful sewing happiness regarding both style and finish :).

(Actually, I'm rather taken with this lovely, soft, collar...)

And, best of all, I like wearing this top now:

I think the collar gives a smart touch to this othewise very relaxed top.  And an hour or so of sewing has changed this top from unloved and unworn to a smart, casual top for all sorts of wearing occasions.

That's what I like about sewing :) - the opportunity to create garments you love to wear.

Sending you my thoughts and best wishes,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Hi Sarah Liz. I think you have hit the jackpot here. I love your reworked version of the T. The soft collar version looks wearable for a number of different situations, whereas a Tee is generally just leisure wear. It will be great for summer. TS

  2. Really like it with the collar. Much more interesting.

  3. Genius makeover SarahLiz! I can see this in a variety of shapes, giving added softness to a basic tee. Finally, I love this on you because the tee is now medium contrast, as is your skin and hair.

  4. You are so clever, SarahLiz. What a great save and you made it fit absolutely perfectly. Just in time for summer too - bonus..

  5. Great stripes! I quite liked the old one too.

  6. SCC said it best: basic but not boring!

  7. I love the collar too :) Nice work on refashion. The top is looking much prettier now :)

  8. The collar gives a new life to this top. Great idea!

  9. Ooo, I like how this turned out! Looks much better the way you've refashioned it.

  10. Looks great. Good when you can turn something you don't wear into something you will!

  11. Love it! Perfect!!! Ahhhh, the illustrious newlook 6216 top. Your refashion is so much better than the original. Adds a design flair and charm. :)