Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stashbuster Top and January Roundup

This week I was not sure what to make, so I decided to stashbust a piece of patterned voile, originally from Spotlight.   It has been stashed away for years because I only bought a tiny amount - from memory it was $24.95 and could not work out what to make from it.  I had just under 70 cms of 112 wide fabric with a nap.

Enter Butterick 6214:

Butterick 6214 Fast & Easy Top Shirt Blouse XS - Plus Size Sewing Pattern B6214

I recently made this top in a nice drapey fabric (post here), which I think is really needed for this sort of top.  As you can see in the picture of the model, even a softer top tends to box out.  

I knew a voile top would not drape well, but this did not really bother me - in hot humid weather you just want something nice and light and cool.  I could use my pretty piece and then something else for sleeves and contrast bottom.  

I rummaged in my pieces and found some lawn that was left over from something, and it went perfectly with the patterned piece.  Voila...the top will be made :)

I have modified the pattern a bit (post here), and of course added a contrast panel.  I just started this at the point at which my patterned fabric ran out. 

I even had enough with the leftover bits to make the facing - although I did have to put a seam in on the CF fold line:

As I make the neckline smaller on my tops - they tend to be far too large - I need to put a back seam in and a button fastening:

I did find the sleeve a little on the short side - next time I will add a bit, or make a short sleeve.  It is also quite an open and on the large side for skinny armed me - which is great for hot weather but unfortunately you could see the overlocking - which is fine, but at the bottom of the armscye I tend to have two layers where I run the machine on and off, and it just was not the greatest finish.  So I bound the bottom only of the armhole with some lace, also found in the stash:

Which is a pretty finish now when I lift my arm.  You can see how tiny the sleeve is.  

I also found that the curve on the sleeve hem was quite sharp - so being much narrower than where you fold the hem too.  So there are a few puckers.  This may not be such a problem on a looser weave fabric. Still, it is barely noticeable.

The contrast was just attached by a flat fell seam, and not folded as the pattern instructed.  

Quick views (and the pants have to go - they are my weekend house pants, RTW rayon and I hate them - they are quite a not nice cut.  I will have to make some lightweight weekend house ignore the pants please :) )...

The front is as baggy as that on the pattern envelope:

From the side I have a triangular profile - which doesn't bother me - this is after all a loose skimmer for the heat. And it sort of looks cute...

And the back - as I have a narrow back, it works well as a swing back top:

So now I have a nice little hot weather top for when I want something just like this.  All I need now are a flattering pant to go with it.  On the list....although that may take until next summer to happen...

Costings - Voile, $17.15, Lawn, $2.00, Thread and Needle allowance, $4.00, Interfacing, 0.50c, Button$1.00. Pattern used before.

TOTAL: $24.65.  



Due to the drain adventure, I did not make quite as much as I planned.  In all, 6 simple garments, which all things considered, was quite an achievement.

Top - Butterick 6214.

Top - Butterick 6214.

Dress - Kwik Sew 3956.

Pants, Simplicity 1592.

Top , New Look6273
Jungle January Cowl. 
I used three new patterns and kept track of my stashing - but unfortunately the stash ratio does not match the planned goal, so I am not going to tell you about the stash this month.  Yes, the year has just started and I have already fallen at the temple of the stash.  You know how it is - a stressful month.  Still, by the end of the year, no doubt the ratio pendulum will swing to the goal point.  I'm always optimistic...

Sarah Liz


  1. Pretty top and fabric combination. So glad you made 6 garments this month. I only made one top and still stuck on pants making...

  2. Your fabric is so pretty and you have combined it well. I like the way the back dips down too. I hope February is a less stressful month for you !

  3. I like that top very much. Might attempt a copy of it someday...

  4. Six garments in one month is still quite impressive! My favorite is the houndstooth dress.

  5. I was admiring this pattern a few days ago, and now I see it on you! It's cute and just what I need for our summers. Good work, and so precise :-)

  6. You are inspiring to me. I think it is amazing that you were able to make 6 garments in spite of the drain situation!

  7. What a pretty top! You have a lot to be proud of for this month despite the plumbing issues!

  8. I really like this top both fabric combination and style. Not that I ever need a hot weather top! I think 6 garments is very impressive anyway and particularly when you've had so many problems this month. I hope February is less stressful.

  9. You have sewn a great haul for January, Sarah Liz. Your new top is pretty, and right on trend. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  10. Nice cool looking top and the fabric is very pretty. Six garment in one month is wonderful. I'm struggling to complete one a month at the moment.

  11. Another pretty top! Always interesting to read how you solve those little detail problems. You did great completing 6 items in January with all the other things going on in your life! You've added to your wardrobe nicely. :)

  12. You've created a nice mix for the month. Looking good!

  13. You didnt create as much as you'd have liked for this month did I hear you say...?!! Wow goodness me Sarah Liz you have achieved lots! And considering the drainage problem I am impressed that you managed to sew anything at all. Well done, you have some great pieces. And I adore the little button and rouleau loop on your new top. I love that kind of fastening.

  14. What a wonderful way to use up your fabric remnants! You have been very productive this month.