Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Best ...Vogue 9067 Pants

 It's Sunday here today, and I am kitted out in my Sunday Best Black Basic Casual Cotton Pants.  Yes, Sunday is a day where I am rather casually attired and go about household chores.  Actually, I'm like this quite often.   And today I have the  hair that does it's own thing after being caught in yet another sub tropical downpour.  That's happened today - I got wet bringing in the washing.  I probably will again, putting out the rubbish. And the forecast for the next few days:  Wet, Wet, Wet.  More Bad Hair Days.

Back  on to the subject of today's blog :

My new cotton calico pants.  Unfortunately, I managed to get something on my old pair of black basics that just would not come off, so they had to go.  Faded, I can deal with, stained or splotched with grime that won't come off, no.  Won't have that.  I was rather sad, because they were my standby basic black casual pant.

So I needed to make another pair quickly.  Enter Vogue 9067.

I chose to make Pant E, that tapered pant with in seam side pockets.  As I was only using a cheap calico, and as I really needed these pants, I decided to forgo a calico and just make the pants up.

These pants actually sit at the waist, which I like.  I cut size Small, which was still quite large and roomy, but then these are action pants, and they are to be worn in summer, so you want air to circulate to cool you down.  The pants were quite long so I shortened them by 1.5 inches.  The hem allowance was only 5/8 inch, but I made mine 1/1/4.  I also added more the the waist casing as I was using 1 inch elastic instead of the 3/4 inch stipulated in the pattern.

Then I just sewed them straight up.  Easy.  And they fit - with lots of ease for movement and both the crotch and the rise were correct for me.  Amazing :)

I think I spent more time trying to get a decent photo than I did sewing these things.  It was dark and pouring today, so more indoor photos and no light.  I changed a few times, but nothing really seemed to work that well.

So, I shall just leave you with a few of my attempts:

Maybe I will have more luck if I try and pose like the model on the pattern envelope:

Well, I think it really is just one of those days as far as blog photos go.  Whatever, I like these pants for casual basics, which is just as well, because I made 2 pairs.

(Purple Top - Vogue 1247, blog post : click here )
(Blue Top - Based on Butterick 3383 , blog post:  click here )
(Red shirt ---RTW. Millers.

These  pants (both pairs)  were officially made at the end of 2015.  This year I will be talking costs and style.  I do not have full details for the cost of these pants, but roughly:  Pattern was $10.00 on sale, Calico was about $20.00, Elastic about $1.70, Thread, say $4.00 including overlocking thread.   So about $17.85 each pair of pants.  Which is about right for this sort of workhorse pant for gardening, housework etc, and  they look okay for going to the shops as well.  So, Style is everyday casual wardrobe basic.

Cost and style aside, could you even buy a pair of cotton workhorse pants in the shops in any case?

Now I need to get back to some jobs...

Bye for now


  1. They look great! Nothing like a 'go to' pattern that fits well and you can run up quickly! And they filled a gap in the wardrobe as well - perfect!

  2. Good looking trousers. I know what you mean about rain and light - fortunately the photos I need to take can be done by flash if necessary. Take that back - will be done by flash as preferred option (not for blogging)

  3. Good looking trousers. I know what you mean about rain and light - fortunately the photos I need to take can be done by flash if necessary. Take that back - will be done by flash as preferred option (not for blogging)

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  5. This time without too many typos!

    Terrific trousers. If you've used the pattern previously then I don't think you should include its' cost.. which makes them superb value.

    I have followed your lead and bought some white calico for a new shirt. I had no idea calico came in so many colours or weights! I was familiar only with the old stiff and creamy beige stuff.

  6. Nice pants that you will get a lot of wear out of I am sure.

  7. I need a pair of pants like this -- simple and an easy sew. I am sure these will indeed be the workhorse pants you need while keeping you dry! They look lovely.

    Over Christmas we had a week of constant downpours so I sympathize with the rain. Hopefully the sun will shine soon.

  8. Happy new year!

    Easy and casual for the win! =)

  9. Raining here constantly too. A great basic, good idea to make up two.

  10. Black pants are a wardrobe staple; good idea to make 2 pair at once.

  11. Nice looking basic pants and very casual. Nothing wrong with two.

  12. Great pants. Good to have found a pants pattern that works for you. I have tried style arc's peta pants which were quite good and I would like to try some of their other pants patterns.

  13. Good job Sarah Liz! I need a pants as well, I will make it this month :)

  14. Fantastic pants.. love the pattern that fits and you can just sew up.. I call that "fun sewing". Have a great day.

  15. Looks great! Nice style, nice fit, basic black that goes with everything.... very smart to make two while you were at it. I like the tapering leg on this pair, as well as the pockets. Nice! :)

  16. They really are a marvellous fit. Added bonus that they made up quickly too. And I sympathise with you getting wet. The rain is so bad here in the uk, many places and homes are flooded. And Im fed up of getting soaked every time I leave the house! Its impossible to wear anything nice! x

  17. Everyone needs a few pairs of easy fit action pants! Yours are black so they are even more versatile!