Saturday, May 21, 2016

Back Blogging - Finally The Wrap Dress, Vogue 8827.

Finally, here it is, the brightly patterned wrap dress, Vogue 8827.  I call it my Persian Dressing Gown Dress.

I have had Vogue 8827 in my pattern stash for a long time now.  It was published in 2012, but as far as I am concerned, a wrap dress does not date.

The pattern has a few variations:

Many of the  reviewers on made up the collared version of the dress.  I wanted to make the middle dress - it's just so elegant.  I chose to make longer sleeves though.   I have  a fabric in my stash that would be perfect for the middle dress, but it was expensive, so first I want to test the pattern, and also wear it to see if the dress works or needs modification.

The dress does not close with any sort of closure, it just wraps and ties inside like a dressing gown and then you place the tie around your waist and secure the dress.  Most reviewers said the pattern had a huge amount of ease, and I agree, there was plenty of ease - not surprising given the pattern describes the dress as very loose fitting.  But with this sort of dress that is not secured well, I prefer plenty of ease so that when you move, the dress does not start opening up too much if it needs more ease for the movement, if you see what I mean.  Of course, I shall wear a black petticoat underneath, just in case...

The fabric I used was a rayon twill purchased at my local Spotlight for $3.00 per metre.  My local Spotlight has poor stock control, and eventually had to clear their oversupply of fabric.  This fabric used to be $19.99 per metre.  I would never buy this sort of fabric at that price, and certainly not such a colour and patternway.  But I thought the fabric would work wonderfully for this dress, and the price sort of cinched the idea.

Of course I made a muslin out of an old piece of sheet and settled on size 8 armhole and shoulder and size 10 body and arms.   This worked nicely, but with the rayon twill, I have slipping over the shoulder area.  I have now learnt that with this sort of heavy and drapey fabric that shoulders need to be smaller.  I think the neck also did not hold in so snuggly in the rayon, which also contributes to the shoulder droop.  I panicked during the sewing process and thought the sleeves might be too tight as they are quite slim fitting

But overall I am not bothered by this.  The dress still looks effective, and I will probably be wearing it over a long sleeve black t-shirt for warmth - the dress will probably grab this a bit.  I would also wear stocking and shoes, but the day I took this photo (some months ago now) it was too warm to wear these, hence the slightly incongruous sandals :).

Okay, the pictures, which is what we sewing bloggers really like:

The side view shows quite a bit of pouching over the tie belt - there is a lot of ease in the back, plus with my erect, inverted triangle shape, this tends to happen.  I find a tie belt is really good - I don't mind the pouching over the top, because in fact the belt defines that I am quite small underneath.

 And the front - I have a very short waist as you can see - but with the extra ease included in this dress, the high waist sort of works, I think.

I really like this dress - it's a timeless sort of style, and I can see other variations being made one day.  I think this version, shortened, would make a lovely wrap blouse.  On the very long list.

See why I though the ease was a good idea?  With movement, this ease is needed so that the dress stays wrapped :).

All for now, wishing you all the best,

Sarah Liz

Costings : Pattern on sale, $10.00, Fabric $9.00, Thread and Needle allowance, $6.00, Ribbon $1.29,  Muslin Fabric and Thread, $3.00.  Total, $29.99.


  1. I love your Persian dressing gown dress. Everyone needs a wrap in their wardrobe, and yours is quite sumptuous! I do think you need jewelled slippers though! Seriously, it is lovely, and the particular style suits you very well, perfect for an evening out or sitting by the fire. TS

  2. it looks lovely and that last photo shows how happy you are with the results. I love colour its great.

  3. Your wrap dress looks very elegant indeed Sarah Liz, and the fabric is so beautiful. It will be very useful, for all sorts of occasions.
    I have never had a wrap dress, and have just ordered a pattern/fabric bundle from Style Arc to try one for myself. Fingers crossed :)

  4. Oh I just love this on you Sarah Liz! I think the colours are so terrific on you and wow, you do get great Spotlight bargains! I've got a Vogue wrap dress on the (long) list.

  5. What a beautiful dress! I have this pattern, but I haven't tried it. It looks great on you.

  6. Enjoy your dress. It's beautiful!

  7. You look great in this dress, Sarah Liz. Beautiful!

  8. I really like this fabric. It's so beautiful - I'm glad you were able to get it on sale. The dress looks very lovely.

  9. SarahLiz, I think this is one of the best things you have made. Love the colors on you and it looks fantastic. Great job.

  10. Your dress is gorgeous! The colors look great on you,you should add more color to your wardrobe. The dress is a flattering fit on you and I hope you get to wear it a lot.

  11. Very elegant style and the colours are lovely.

  12. This so lovely on you, and you can see it in your face that you are truly satisfied with this beautiful wrap dress. Feels so great when one is truly happy with their makes. I'm sure this little number will be worn alot!

  13. So nice! I also think this is one of your top looks. The color and drape really suit you. Elegant - absolutely!

  14. Love, love, love this dress! Everything about this dress is so perfectly perfect! You are beautiful in this style and colorway. :)

  15. This is so elegant and beautiful. I was looking to buy this pattern and googling the number led me to your review. Drop me a line if you're interested in selling/swapping the pattern, it's sold out everywhere so I'd be happy to swap a couple of patterns or a sewing mag for it!

    1. Hello, yes, it is a lovely dress, but unfortunately I don't want to sell it as I plan quite a few more variations yet in both dress and blouse variations.