Monday, May 23, 2016

Me Made May Week Three.

I was finding it quite difficult to take daily pictures this week, and thought that maybe I would not continue with this challenge.  Then I suddenly remembered that I do this challenge in the way that suits me - I don't have to post a picture with me wearing the clothes. and I don't have to post on every social media site.  So this week I am taking picture boards along with some pictures of me in clothes.

Monday 16th May.  

Mildish, about 23.  Activities: Work, Chores.

Me Made Skirt and RTW shirt and tights:

Sewing :  Find fabric and iron, and iron traced pattern pieces for next top.

Tuesday 17th May:

Warm and Sunny, 27 .

Activities, Chores, Work from home.

Me Made Skirt and RTW t-shirt. It was warm enough for summer clothes and sandals.  Leggings at night.

Sewing - thread overlocker for next top.

Wednesday 18th May: 

Milder, 23-24.

Actitivities - Doctor's appointment, Chores, Pack for trip to Sydney in PM - mostly black basics so I don't have to think too much. It might be drab and boring, but it works. then The Problem contacted us.

I'm looking quite fatigued and careworn, - it's been a busy week, and I am getting a cold.

Wearing for the drive:  Me Made Trousers - Stretch cotton sateen tailored pants:

We were late leaving after dealing with The Problem by phone for 1.5 hours, so instead of going out to a casual place around Circular Quay, we had to eat in at the Royal Automobile Club. This is a conservative and formal place where dress codes apply, so I quickly put on tights and a ponte skirt.  I also combed my hair :).  This is a refashion from a dress I never wore.

I'm a master of the two minute change, which is why I take interchangeable black basics!

Thursday 19th May:

Day in Sydney shopping - my husband needed new shoes, and I paid a visit to Lincraft and stocked up on black buttons.

The we had dinner booked at the Fish Cafe at the Rocks. This is a fairly casual place, and we walk there from the Club.  It was cool, so I put on a little Me Made Scarf and a Me Made Polar Fleece Jacket.  Pants are RTW:

Friday 20th May:

Drive back home, with a quick visit to The Remnant Warehouse first :)

I wore the same Me Made Pants for the drive back home.  Plus my cardigan and necklaces. Different, as in clean,  t-shirt of course.

Saturday 21st May:

Quiet day today, I am quite tired, because both of us caught a cold a few days ago.  Just catching up with washing and grocery shopping and things like that.

It's still quite mild during the day, and I tend to peel layers off.  Wearing my new Me Made Top over a t-shirt and RTW ponte pants:

Yes, the top is new - I will give you the details in a future  blog post...And it did get peeled off late morning when it was warmer :).

Sewing - start sewing new top.

Sunday 22nd May:

Same's usually a short day after a quiet start to the day.  I did put on a clean t-shirt under the blue top though...  A

Sewing: Finish new top.

Phew, another week done. As you can see, I revert to black basics when I have to pack quickly for a day or so away.  But I am trying to make some more colourful tops as they do look more interesting and certainly the right colours flatter nicely.  And, I do get a lot of things made, but by the frustrating route of little and often - I would rather nice solid blocks of time.

Downhill run now - more picture boards next week - I'll be away for a few days, so I think it will be more of my black basics...

Take care everyone,

Sarah Liz


  1. This was fun to read Sarah Liz. You do have an excellent wardrobe of me-mades. Black is great for travelling, as you know - I do much the same thing. So pleased you made it to the Remnant Warehouse, and I hope you found some excellent bargains!

  2. Your black outfits look so classy and cool (not in regards to temperature cool though - how did you survive such warm temps and all those long warm layers?!). :) I'm curious about that blue top at the end - can't wait to hear more about it!

  3. Classic black always works and yours looked great this week! I especially liked your Sydney shopping day photo with a little peek of blue and pearls. Nice! You live such a busy life and it is always amazing to me how many garments you make, so it was interesting to read how you fit those little snippets in each day. So glad you are hanging in there with MMM in 'your' way! I like your picture boards then a diary synopsis here. Hope things settle down soon for you and your husband. Meanwhile, look forward to reading what you have to say about your cute new top! :)

  4. Hope the cold goes away. Thanks for the May reviews. You are an inspiration. You are always practical and do what works right for you. I hope you get a bit more time to sew. Looking forward to the ponte top review too. Trish

  5. Love your outfits! Black is always works, as Lisa said :) Hope you get better soon. Looking forward for the detail of your new top :)

  6. Liking lots of black. So classy.
    Also apologies if Ive missed any of your posts (it wont be just yours, I know I am missing out on a lot right now) Things are just so busy here with our house and work and I am thinking it may be as late as september before things get back to a more "normal" x