Sunday, May 8, 2016

Me Made May Week One.

I wasn't going to take part in Me Made May 16 because it just didn't appeal to me - taking photos everyday and trying to wear Me  Mades all the time.  I do now wear quite a few me made garments, but there are still gaps in my wardrobe, especially during transitional seasons, and especially Autumn.  I've also concentrated on making basics, and still have  quite a few gaps to plug before I like fully presentable.

But I sort of made a non decision about this - and that sort of took the pressure off, so I am not feeling so overwhelmed by MMM16.

So this is the week that was - some photos are reposted from old blog posts when I didn't have the time or inclination to photograph them.

I'm also documenting my daily sewing activities - some of you comment that I seem to sew a lot, but in fact it is that I sew little and often sometimes that gets the results.  I also don't watch television in the evenings, and often get up very early and use that early morning time to do some sewing.

Sunday 1st May :  At home - cool and wet today so I dug out my Me Made Fleecy tip made last year and wore it with old RTW track pants.  This outfit will also take me through cooler evenings.

Reposted photo.

Monday 2nd May:  Running around day.  Cool in am and evening, sunny and warm during day, about 25 degrees: some work in afternoon.  Feel like I have hayfever.

I wore a Me Made top and Me Made Pants! ...

MMM16  -2nd May photo


Tuesday 3rd May: Blah - woke up with a cold!!!!  Quiet day reading threads and doing some chores and pre washing fabric because I don't feel up to sewing.  Knitting this evening...Cool am, and warm sunny day later - about 26 degrees. Quite warm for May:  Found a spot in the mess that passes for a garden with the right light for the photo.  Must look for more photo spots.

Me Made Pants: 
MMM16 - 3rd May photo.
Sewing - traced two patterns ready for cutting out the toiles.


Wednesday 4th May: 
Woke up not feeling blah - just as well, because there was lots to do.  I shan't bore you with that, but will say that when I am busy of course I don't have much time to sew - so I just do a bit everyday.  Today I traced two patterns ready to muslin - also checked that I had all the threads needed for the fabrics I plan to use for these garments should the muslins encourage me to proceed...

Weather, cool mornings and evenings, sunny day, about 24 - layers needed.

MMM16 - 4th May photo.
 pants and t shirt - you can see now why I don't like RTW pants - my legs show up as far too thin.  Yuk. Gradually replacing all my old RTW, it just takes time.

Scarf and polar fleece vest are of course Me Made. The little vest is really handy in changeable weather.  And the scarf adds just enough warmth and not too much when the sun is up. Sleeves get rolled up when I get too hot - I need some 3/4 length sleeve tops.

Sewing - pre-shrink fabric for planned garments. 

IDENTIFIED NEED - Tops for transitional weather - 3/4 sleeve knit tops.


Thursday 5th May:

Reposted photo

While our days are really warm and sunny (think sort sleeve t shirts by 9.15 am today) it is getting quite cool at night.  I had to pull out my  Me Made polar fleece dressing gown this morning.

Sewing:  Quickly made two toiles for garments to be made later...

Friday 6th May

It's been an emotionally demanding and stressful week (Practice problems, and Insurance hassles - roof is still not fixed and we spent some time dealing with issues to do with that this week).  I am starting to look quite frazzled.  Going to the office this morning, may get some sewing time in the afternoon.   Weather is still really warm for May - about 25 degree maximum and sunny.   Lovely.

MMM16 - 6 May photo

RTW t-shirt and vest, and Me Made Trousers is stretch cotton sateen. 

Sewing - tried on toiles - the first is not going to work for the fabric I had in mind and will be put to one side for my spring sewing - due to start in a few weeks.  The other toile is perfect for what I had in mind. 

Saturday 7th May:

Still getting over the week - and today I will be going to the office to do some work, and then to the supermarket on the way home.  Plan to do some sewing this afternoon. 

Weather warmer than average and sunny, about 24.

RTW t-shirt and cardigan.  Cotton drill pants are Me Made - and they have pockets.

(Can't wait for my fringe to grow - last time it was trimmed, it was trimmed far to short).

Sewing - traced and cut out a planned  wearable muslin - hope it turns out. 

Sunday 8th May:

Another at home day - the weather is very mild and humid, so cotton outfit today.  The top is RTW and the trousers are Me Made from a recycled cotton jersey :

Reposted photo.

Sewing - worked on the wearable muslin - exposed zipper in and sleeves in.  May finish tomorrow.


And that was the first week and a day of Me Made May!  Not an inspiring collection so far - it seems practicality reigns with Sarah Liz :)

The weather has also caught me out - don't have much in the way of transitional separates so must make them for next year.

SEWING NEEDS FOR AUTUMN 2017 - 3/4 sleeve tops, layering pieces for transitional wear.

That's it for now - 23 more days to go.  I'm wondering what to wear tomorrow...

Sarah Liz


  1. Well done Sarah Liz. I don't think I could get through a single week of me-mades only. All your outfits look nice, but the winner for me is your floral pants outfit - very chic!

  2. A good start, Sarah Liz. I am unofficially doing MMM16, as I did last year. I find it hard enough to get photos just for my MAGAM makes without posting an outfit every day. However, I manage one or two me mades daily. Entirely due to SarahLizSewStylish and MAGAM. Thank you Sarah Liz.

    1. PS I meant Style the Stash Sewalong. ­čśŐ

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  3. So glad that you are participating MMM, all your outfit are so lovely and I am enjoying reading your sewing activities :)
    Looking forward to see your week two.

  4. Kudos to you for participating in MMM! All your items look great. I'm sure for you it's not hard to get through the month on self mades only.

  5. Congrats on doing the MMM. All your outfits look great. Hope your work week [office] gets better..

  6. You have had a an amazing week with your garments and like you this crazy weather is showing I need more cardigans.

  7. I forgot to sign up for MMM16 as well until yesterday. I know what you mean that we wear our me-made clothes daily already. However, what I like about having to take pictures daily is that it forces me to wear the lesser worn clothes as well as the usual 20% of my closet. Have fun!

  8. You look very nice in all your daily outfits! I think you have built a lovely handmade wardrobe and look forward to seeing what you wear in week 2. :)

  9. I didn't sign up for MMM as I don't think it will change the amount of handmade garments I wear. I do wear what I make on a daily basis and I just can't find the time to take outfit pictures unless I skip sewing. Not going to happen! I do enjoy reading MMM posts by others, especially when there is an added theme. It's nice to read how your daily life and the weather influences your choice!

  10. Great post dear! :)