Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Me Made May Week Two.

Week two of Me Made May 2016.  This is my first attempt at taking part in MMM and I have to admit that I did not think the timing was superb, as we have a lot of problems at the moment, and what I am wearing is the last thing on my mind. I also have two trips coming up, which I hate. I'm not one of these people who likes to plan a weeks wardrobe - I just put in black separates, a few tops, and that is it.  And my pearl ear studs.  I sometimes think my background as a Nurse affects my dress style - I started as a student nurse at the age of 17 way back in the 1970's. I trained in a very big and acute public hospital, and although we had the modern system, we still did hard, long hours and physically demanding work.  And we saw things that most 17 year olds do not see.  We grew up quickly.   So clothes as a young woman were not a high priority. And I think that habit stuck, so I wear clothes that are practical and interchangeable.

Monday 9th May:

Weather Cooler and Overcast.
I went to work to attack a pile of accounts.  I wore an old RTW t-shirt and Me Made tapered stretch cotton sateen pants.  Plus a wrist strap :)

Sewing activities:  a.m. -  overlock hems of top. p.m. - finish top.
Do chores, shopping,  cook dinner, put out rubbish etc....

Tuesday 10th May:

Weather - 23, Sunny and Windy.
Work to do more accounts...
Wearing a Me Made Knit Top and Me Made Pants - stretch cotton sateen.

Sewing activities: Find pattern, fabric and iron pattern pieces for next garment.
Plus the usual chores...

Wednesday 11th May:

Weather - cool and windy.
Back to work to do more accounts...
Wearing the Me Made check pants again, plus a Fleecy soft Blazer.
(Looking windswept her - I'm taking the photos when I get in...)

Sewing : cut out next top and thread overlocker.
Plus the usual chores.

Thursday 12th May: 

Mild day.  Our house is cold though so clothes today reflect that.
Work from home batching and posting accounts.  Plus problems.
Plus a birthday in the house - so I wore my new top:

Me Made Top and Me Made trousers:

Sewing - first seam on top, but busy with birthday...

Friday 13th May: 

I can't remember what I wore, was more concerned with finishing the accounts and doing the chores.
I think it was the check pants and a white tee. We are in the middle of hassles with the roof and insurance, so had no time or energy to think about clothes or photos.

Sewing - worked on top. 

And for Saturday14th  and Sunday 15th,  I just wore the same as last weekend - so now all of these clothes have been well worn and can go in the wash.  I don't like piles of half worn clothes lying around, so I try and wear things  with this in mind - Day three of pants tends to be home wear and chore days, work and going out tends to be the first day or so of pants. Tops of course are changed daily.  That's why you need more of those and why I am working on some now :)

And sewing - worked on the top and finished be revealed in the future.

Well, I'm starting to flag with daily photos - as I though, Me Made May in this form is not really for me.  I enjoy blogging about my sewing and seeing what you are sewing, but I really don't like taking selfies every day. I find it hard to be that self obsessed - or that is how it feels to me. And when there are other priorities, I sort of wonder whether this is really misplaced time.  I'm finding these thoughts quite fascinating, because normally I don't stop to think about things like this!

See you soon,

Sarah Liz


  1. Sorry to hear about your problems. I wish you a speedy resolution to them. It's actually nice to see what someone else who dresses for practicality wears. I thought I was the only one who does the 'if I wear this onemore time today I can wash it tonight' thing!

  2. All your outfits look nice to me! So sorry to hear of ongoing problems. You've certainly had your share to deal with for a while now. Wednesday's outfit looks so nice the way you have it styled with the scarf.... and Thursday's floral top is one of my favorites of yours. I hope things begin to settle down for you soon. :)

  3. I have done MMM a number of times, and chose to not participate the last few years. I already sew most of what I wear, and I focus on technique or collections now. I think it is a great way to introduce yourself to a number of new readers/sewers. It's fun, if you have the time for it. I think a FOCUSED MMM group would be interesting-only dresses for a week, or just plain pants.

    I like your daily picks above :-)

  4. Nothing wrong with practical and interchangeable, especially when traveling. I myself do the same thing, so two great minds think alike. You have alot of lovely outfits.

  5. A lot of good can come from introspective thought.

    I also love your colourful top, and notice a lot less black clothing now. Is that the case?

  6. Looking so smart every day :)

  7. Well done for keeping going. I have worn me made everyday but haven't always remembered to photograph it! Life's too busy isn't it! I think the challenge is more to encourage you to wear clothes you've made rather than heap additional stress of documenting it. It's to help us identify needs like you noticing you need more tops.

  8. Daily photos are quite a challenge and you have put in a great effort. It's nice to see how everyone's sewing is incorporated into their everyday outfits.