Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Review and February Plans

Hello everyone, the first month of 2017 has already gone.  So quickly. And I really don't feel I got into a sewing rhythm at all.  Yes, I got things made, but the month was sort of higgly piggly, so sewing was fitted in higgly piggly as well. Which I don't like.  I often have to fit it in, but in a more orderly fashion, which I do like!  Hopefully over the next month or so I will get more structure and order back into my sewing life.

As for the green fabric above, I will tell you about that later in the post. First I will recap January's makes.

First make of the month was a little cotton shirt, which I didn't like to start with as the fabric was a cheap, stiff, cotton and it didn't drape nicely. But after about 8 washes (I just kept throwing it back in the machine when other blues and whites were being washed) it has softened and I quite like it now. for a casual weekend sort of top.

I was also working on a promised Xmas gift for my DH.  A casual cotton/linen shirt and pants. This was a mammoth job, because I had to work out what size and shape and had to then do 2 muslins for the shirt and two for the pants!  Anyway, I got there in the end:

And, I am pleased to report, he likes wearing it on hot, humid weekends.  The pockets are a great hit - he says they are just right.  And the air conditioner has not been run on high, and is often off!  The thermal properties of cotton/linen made up in loose garments beats a t shirt and drill pants!

I felt a little jaded after two shirt muslins, 2 pant muslins, and then the sewing of black shirt and pants.  I don't like sewing black, and there was just miles and miles of the stuff...

So after that I made something simple and cheerful for me.  A little cotton top to wear with a previously me-made skirt:

As for my stashing habits, I am afraid they are still with me:

 After all, when Spotlight is still selling clearance fabrics at a good price, what do you do, especially when you have a gift card you have been instructed to use?  Lots of future plans for this lot...

And in the green baskets underneath the stash additions (which are waiting to be catalogued and housed) are my new threads:

I am gradually building up a collection of larger reels of thread. 5000 metres for about $3.9, purchased from MRecht.. Beats Gutermann 100 metres for $3.49 or whatever it currently is.  I can use this on my industrial machine, and for the domestic machines I have purchased a spool holder and feeder:

I got this from Sewing Machine Warehouse for about $9.99 plus postage.  I have tested the set up on my domestic Janome, and it worked well, and the machine didn't mind sewing with the thread.  This does not mean I am recommending this thread and spool set up, just letting you know what I have done and that it worked for me!

As for the green fabric:

It's a cheap quilting cotton.  I have metres of the stuff, purchased when it was $3.00 per metre - and it is 260 wide!  I knew green was about to become the next big colour in fashion, so planned to make some things with it to pep up my basic wardrobe.

First I am going to make these trousers by Lisette:

What I like about them is the classic trouser style combined with a hint of jean style:

The picture is a bit blurry, but gives you an idea at least.

I also thought the fabric would be wonderful for this dress:

That's the plans so far.  I will probably be able to get something else out of the remains of the fabric but the what is yet to be decided.

Can't wait to share both these makes with you, I think they will look quite stunning.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz


  1. My DH wears a lot of green - you might say it is his signature colour if he was in the slightest bit fashionable which he isn't! I like him in it and I like green - of most shades - but not for me, in clothing at least. The fabric looks nice and I look forward to seeing your makes. I will also be making trousers. I don't if course have any issues with hot weather even in high summer here. That means that my wardrobe is less seasonal as I wear the same things just with a lighter jacket or whatever.

  2. I love your two patterns.. and the green fabric will be gorgeous.. I love lisette pattern lines..I have made lots of them, and they never disappoint.
    Proud you kept washing the cute little white top.. It is really cute.. I do that quiet frequently with cotton fabrics..
    Happy sewing..
    ps...I can't believe Feb, is here already.

  3. So good to hear that the cotton will eventually soften up I just need to be more organised.

    Your green fabric will looks great in the pants and the dress and I look forward to seeing them finished.

  4. I love the dress pattern! I think both will look great with the green fabric. I'm glad your hubby loves his outfit. Two muslins each for both pieces was definitely a labour of love!

  5. Very nice selection! I've been interested in Lisette's pattern. I am looking forward to seeing your project:)

  6. I have that Lisette pattern too, and am looking to make the pants. Look forward to reading about your experiences with it.

  7. I have often used overlocking threads for the sewing machine and they seem perfectly fine . You must have had lots of fun choosing your new fabrics. Hope you get your sewing groove together soon .

  8. Gosh for higgidy-piggidy you made a lot of lovely garments. I am definitely not in the swing for sewing yet. I usually get 15 mins before the school run and that's about it! I need to set aside a whole day and just luxuriate in sewing for me!!

  9. Love the green fabric and the dress pattern especially. Really looking forward to seeing this made up! You have got plenty of sewing in throughout January, you've done well.

  10. 8 washes!! That is intense. I have the trousers by Lisette and hope to make them soon. Looking forward to seeing your version!

  11. I really like that green fabric. I think you can do lots with it depending on how you position the pattern pieces. Can't wait to see your garments with this!

  12. You have made some nice things! I particularly like that first little top :) I have occasionally used overlocking thread in the sewing machine; it's ok in an emergency if you don't have the right colour all-purpose thread, though it can sometimes "fluff" up in the machine and doesn't have the strength