Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hand Knit Time.

Hello Everyone,

The smile on my face is not quite how I feel at the moment.  My husband and I have a very distracting problem at the moment, and I have to admit to two very sleepless nights this week wondering how to solve it.  I will tell you more about this when the problem has resolved, which it will, either in days, weeks or potential months.  

Because I am busy in real life, I really do not have time to reply to your weekly comments. They have all been read and appreciated though.  Many of you were interested in last weeks post about drafting trousers.   Some of you have expressed interest in knowing more, and I will enjoy sharing that with you one day, but for the moment I have put this class aside as I do not have the time and energy to dedicate to it. For now I must do Tried and True techniques and plan Simple Sewing projects.  For the same reason, learning about Bra making is also on hold. 

I have pulled out some knitting though, because that is simple to do and relaxes me in the evening.

I usually have knitting on the go, but I take a long time to finish a garment because I only do a few rows at night.  Recently I finished the burgundy top that is shown above.  I used a Patons pattern - I can't remember where I found it:

I loved the relaxed boxy look of the jumper. The yarn recommended was Paton's Souffle, a mohair/acrylic mix, 8 ply.  I wanted a plain colour though, not stripes, and settled for a lovely rich burgundy colour.  I also wanted longer sleeves. When I checked the instructions for the boat neckline, I realised it was not going to work - the garment was cast off straight through the shoulder and neck, and then sewn up at quite a wide interval.  I knew that this sort of neck would fall off my shoulders.  I also thought it might sit too high up on my neck and irritate me. So I modified the neckline to a little square neckline at the front.  I don't think I quite got the shaping correct and the front is a bit saggy, but it works, and on a handknit it really doesn't matter.  It still looks lovely, or so I think.  

I took these pictures in a hurry, and am wearing a pair of RTW jeggings.  I do not look good in jeggings, and also you can see what happens when I wear RTW pants of any sort.  I just don't have enough bulk in my legs to fill these out, so they are a mass of wrinkles.  Still, I am just in the house today, doing chores, so it doesn't matter.  I thought about putting different pants on and taking the photos again, but that seemed a little excessive.  I mean, we are all sewers here, and are all interested in fit, so I thought I would just go ahead with these.

I think this little Hand Knit is going to be a useful addition to my wardrobe - a dress up or dress down top, and warmth without weight.  And just in Time for our cooler days and nights.

That's it for today. I'm not sure what I will sew next given my pre-occupation with our personal personal affairs  So I may have to take a break from blogging.  Hopefully not sewing, but at least I have my next knitting project organised. That at least will help me destress.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz. 


  1. Lovely sweater. And I hope issues resolve soon - I imagine it's difficult to smell the roses when something pressing is moving through your life. Thinking of you.

  2. Wishing you well with your life challenges!

    Cozy looking jumper is ace.

  3. Great looking jumper and look after yourself.

  4. Dear Sarah Liz, so sorry to hear you have 'stuff' keeping you awake at night. So stressful for you and I hope it can be sorted soon. Warmth without weight sounds so cosy and delightful, and your jumper looks quite lovely.

  5. Dear Sarah, you did a great job again! It looks comfortable and lovely. Sewing, knitting and making things are good therapy I think. I hope you smile everyday!

  6. Love the jumper colour and relaxed style. I'm knitting again! I hope you can have more relaxed nights soon and that your problems get resolved PDQ.

  7. Congrats on the sweater, it looks great. Hope the issues work themselves out - nothing more annoying that something keeping you awake at night.

  8. Your sweater is beautiful and looks comfortable too. Praying the issues get resolved for the best, real soon. Until, you have time to sew and blog.. just take care of your home life and we will thinking about you, and will be happy when you return.. hugs.

  9. Lots of luck with your problem solving. Which you can now do warm and snug in your new jumper.

  10. Your sweater is so beautiful and the colour looks great on you. I hope you'll be able to resolve the issues soon.

  11. Looks like a warm and cozy sweater! Good luck with your personal issue!

  12. I sincerely hope that you and your husband resolve your issues soon and are able to move forward. Your presence is greatly missed on all social media. Good luck with everything Sarah Liz and well done in completing such a lovely jumper. At least you are managing a bit of knitting therapy.