Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Skirt to Sleeve Transformation - with the help of Simplicity 1255.

 I nearly didn't blog today, as promised to you last week, because I am so tired.  I did three months of outstanding accounts yesterday and I think I saw them all last night instead of sleeping.   So today I am a little lacklustre and will keep this post quite short.

Last week I showed you my knit dress, also made in this fabric.  The original piece of fabric was 1.45 metres of 150 wide knit - and after I made the dress, I had a strip left over.  I made a little skirt out of that, but it was just too short for my liking.  I had already so fallen in love with this fabric that I had purchased another piece to make a jumper to go with my casual clothes.  I then realised what I could do.  I rememberd this patterned:

This top has drop shoulders, and I already knew they sat quite low on me, as I had made the top before - just a wearable muslin out of remnants.  I realised I could get the sleeves out of the little skirt.  And then a top from the 1.55 piece.  Which would leave me enough to make a skirt - which by now I decided I wanted.

As the pattern has a CB seam with a zip opening, and a high, sort of funnel finish neckline, I altered the pattern to suit the constraints of my fabric.  I removed the CB seam and zip, which left me with the problem of what to do with the neckline.  I dropped the front a bit, to allow more headroom when pulling it on.  I made up a neckband out of the fuzzy fabric, and then tested it - always a wise move.  It did not easily go over my head.  So I was left with the problem of how to finish the neckline.  Luckily I had a piece of stretch polyester faux suede in my stash, and I used that. Seems to work:

I will just quickly show you the top - I've even managed a smile.  When you look at the back view, the hemline looks uneven - I can assure you it is not, it is just the way it is sitting - sometimes you don't see these things until after you have taken the pictures!

So there we have it, a modern, drop shoulder, slouchy sort of casual sweater.  I am sure I need to make this top smaller, but it works for this knit, and I like the oversized look which is going to be big for Autumn/Winter 2018.  And, as I found a small remnant in the remnant bin, which naturally I could not resist,  it even has a cowl scarf to go with it, for cold neck days:

That's it for this week, once again thank you for your comments.  I still have a busy week or so in real life to attend to, but one day hope to get back to normal with replies.  In the meantime, I just hope some of you enjoy reading my blog and seeing patterns made up.

Back next week with the skirt,

Sarah Liz


  1. Great work, the cowl is a fab idea. I think the jumper works oversized, you want it big to go over layers when cold.

  2. What a lovely cozy sweater!

  3. This looks super comfy! Good idea for the cowl scarf too!

  4. It looks very beautiful, Sarah. And the cowl was a great idea.

  5. Hi Liz , hope you feel rejuvenated soon and that those outstanding accounts are paid. Your new jumper looks very cozy and just the kind of thing to feel good in. I do enjoy your blog but you don't have to reply to me - do something nice for yourself instead !! Take care.

  6. So cute! I love the cowl too. I am looking forward to next post too. I can't wait to see it!

  7. It is amazing what you manage to do with a small length of fabric Sarah Liz. This is a great save, looks so cosy for cool Winter days, and the cowl is the perfect touch to ward of a chilly wind.

  8. A perfect warm, cozy, colorful sweater to brighten cold, dreary winter days. Take care.

  9. Perfect. I hope you're over the worst of accounts etc.

  10. Doing the accounts = hero status!

    Lovely top in beautiful colours.