Sunday, April 8, 2018

Contemplating a Change in Style Direction

Hello everybody,

Behind the scenes I have been busy.  Life is starting to settle into a new rhythm and I am comtemplating various questions of life, such as where to next as far as my own direction in life is concerned. Life sort of sneaks up on you and before you know it, you are in the next stage.

Or so it seems to me.  It also seems that way when I look in the mirror.   I really do need to change my style to suit the person I have become.  I still dress like a teenage Pollyanna Practical, but really, I am now a quite educated and accomplished lady who is in the later elegant decades of life.  Of course, most of my life is still very Pollyanna Practical, but I think I need to change my clothing style a bit so it is a little more complimentary to the emerging reality of my appearance and accomplishments.

Anyway, while I have been busy sorting out lots of work problems, which are slowly diminishing, I have been making simple clothes.  In fact I have lots of garments to blog back to about the middle of last year, when the current resolving problems starting appearing.

Whenever I have problems in life that take away from my ability to think creatively with sewing, I tend to make simple garments.  Just a few seams and not much in the way of fitting.  Half an hour a day, usually about 5.30 in the morning (I suffer mild insomnia when I am stressed) soon gets a simple garment completed.

Following are a few of the garments that I have made.  Just a foretaste of what I will be blogging in the next few months.  I will give you all the details when I blog the garment - for now, I am just leaving you with teasers:



 (there are more)


(there are lots more...)

Some of these garments were made for fun, and do not really suit me. Some garments were made for fun and turned out to suit me nicely.  Some suit me, and some do not. What I do want to do as I blog these garments is to assess whether they work for me or not. For instance, I love black and white, but as I am officially a summer, it is supposedly a colour that I should not wear.  But I think I can wear it well, and it suits my style personality.  Some colours that supposedly suit me, I find a little dull and drab. And some garments that I thought were plain odd and not going to work turned out to look much better than I thought! see below

I am sure you all want to know a lot more about each of these garments - pattern details, fabrics and so on. That's why we like to read sewing blogs after all! 

So, next week I will be back to regular blogging - I will try and publish every Sunday - that is a quiet day for me now.  And I have stacks of material, so shan't be struggling to find something to show you.

And at the same time, I will think about style implications and a style direction for the next stage of life.

Until then, take care everyone, 

Sarah Liz


  1. Wow, that is a lot of sewing for someone so busy! A great selection of tops, and I look forward to reading more about them. Trying to pick a favourite - think I like the white with black print with the tie neckline, very elegant.

  2. So many wonderful clothes! Can't wait to get the details on them, especially on some of those tops. So glad to see that you're still able to keep up with your sewing.

  3. I have had months of simple projects so really understand where you are coming from.

  4. You have a lovely collection of new garments, and that last top particularly is especially nice! Look forward to reading more and so glad to see you back! You've been missed!!! :)

  5. I am glad your stressful time is settling especially since it has been a while now. I am glad too that you were able to get some self care sewing done . I am looking forward to reading about your projects and thoughts on them.

  6. So glad life is getting back to a sort of normal for you. Very interesting your thoughts on style, I will be reading with interest your future posts.

  7. You have certainly been busy! I wake too early as well but don't get to the sewing room as it is next to my daughter's bedroom. I don't think she would be happy...

  8. Glad that life is settling for you. I am also settling into a new rhythm that happily allows more time for sewing.
    Looking forward to reading about each garment.

  9. Looking forward to read more about these garments! I love that blouse with the necktie on you, and in general all tops that either have softness in colours, style lines or fabrics.

  10. I look forward to reading more about all your garments. I understand about your need to have a wardrobe that reflects each part of you rather than just the 'Pollyanna Practical' (I love that term!).
    I really like you in the summer colours when you've shown them.
    I'm glad things are seeking down for you

  11. Just say WOW! I love all tops, and they look great on you. I especially love the white blouse with the necktie. It's very elegant.

    I'm glad that your life is settling!

  12. You're killing me with theses teasers Sarah Liz! Some fabulous items there. I'm looking forward to hearing all about them and reading more on your blog. I'm so pleased things are more settled for you.

  13. I just love it when you wear lighter, softer colors, Sarah Liz, per your summer designation! So flattering. I know black is “easy” but I can’t wear it. Will you hate me if I offer my opinion that it seems to weigh you down? Given your new style philosophy, could black be contributing to stress? Maybe a soft grey or charcoal is actually “your” black, especially with gentle colors. You have plenty of style; Now’s the time to cut loose! Can’t wait to see the posts on those top! I love separates.

  14. Glad things are easing up for you, Sarah Liz. I hope you don't wait too long to get to the explanation of that purple and black cardigan. I want to know all about it!

  15. So proud life is getting better. You have done lots of pretty sewing. So excited. Can't wait to hear details of all this cute goodness. Happy sewing .