Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Style Gallery - January's Skirt

As part of my New Years Sewing Resolution, each garment I make must go with two or three garments that I already own.  If not I have to make the matching garments straight away, or be prepared to buy them.  That's usually not possible because Lady Luck usually decrees that when you want or need it , it is not likely to be available in the shops.  That's why it is so important to have a basic wardrobe plan with clothes that work with each other.  So, I quickly rummaged through my drawers  and came up with 3 garments to create three quick and simple variations.

With camisole top and necklace

I'd find this a bit bare for everyday, but it looks more like the pattern envelope.  I would wear a small, light, cardigan over the top of this look.

With a plain black T-shirt

This is a sort of everyday look I would probably wear for running errands.  I'm sorry the picture is a little haphazard - my studio was "outside" where the light is good!  However, the wind was blowing quite a lot, so the dummy and screen kept wobbling - and I was trying to take pictures in between holding them both up :)  So much for the en plein air approach.  (french term for painting out of doors).

With a cardigan and pearls
I'd probably put some pearls on if I was going somewhere, and a cardigan if it was cooler.  So this skirt seems to work in lots of situations.  I'd wear it out at night too, and dress it up a little more.  This will be a useful addition to my wardrobe.

With nail polishes
It even goes with all the sorts of nail polish colours I would wear.  This range of nail polishes is by Mode - a budget brand, but I love budget brands because you can play with a new nail colour without breaking the budget.

In due course, I will try and organise a picture of me wearing this skirt - my husband will help me with this job, but his time is rather tied up at the moment.  I'll post it when it is available. 

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