Fearless February Frustrations

Frustrations abound over the last week.  Having joined the Fearless February Sew Along mid way through February I have a short month in which to face my sewing fears.  My main problem (like so many of you) is getting trousers to fit.  Sometimes you read advice that suggest that finding a ready to wear pair of trousers that fit and taking the pattern of them is the way to go.  I'd agree, except I can't get ready to wear to fit either! 

My first Muslin "failure"
I found some consolation by reading pattern reviews sewing.patternreview.com because another person also had fitting issues with this pattern - they sit extremely high at the back.  On me, they also sit extremely low at the front.  Altogether, not a good look and extremely uncomfortable and prone to falling down.
Undaunted and reassured by Sandra Betzina that 50 % of patterns do not work, I decided to try Butterick 5682.
Butterick 5682

 I was a little worried, because, as with McCalls M6610, the pattern claims to sit at the natural waist.  Looking at the picture, they were a little lower than that.  Nevertheless, I decided to quickly cut a muslin without any expectations that they would work.  And they didn't - I had the same problem with back extremely high and front extremely low.  I think this is because I have an extremely small rear, tiny hips and a round belly.  I have also worked out that I am actually quite high in the rise.  And with small hips and bottom, clothes can have a habit of sliding down. My second muslin failure.  So, I need to find a solution to my jeans problem, which will take time.

I also checked the reviews on sewing.patternreview.com and this pattern worked for some people and did not work for others.  Photos showed the waist sitting below the natural waist - which I take to mean the indentation between ribs and hips - the narrowest part of the body.  However, I am noting a tendency for this below waist fit to be called "natural waist".  I am wondering if this is because the low rise look has been around for so long now that people have forgotten where a natural waist is?

As my immediate goal was to make a pair of casual jean like pants for wearing to the supermarket, around the house and so on, I have decided to change my project at this point.  I really need the trousers now - jeans are a want.  I am going to try Kwik Sew 3340,  which has excellent reviews on sewing.patternreview.com.  I shall turn my jeans Fearless February challenge into a year long challenge by making a sloper that fits me and then drafting a pattern from that.  A lengthier process than I wanted right now.  I shall fit that in between other sewing projects.  I'm going to win this one.  Might even try a boys pattern and see if that works!
Kwik Sew 3340

I've never used a Kwik Sew pattern before so am looking forward to trying one.  This pattern doesn't look as though its going to cause too many fitting issues. It has a fly zipper, flat front waistband, and elastic at the back.  Can't go too wrong (I hope).

Sarah Liz.


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