Fearless February Sew-Along

  • February is the month to start all those projects you have been fearful of starting, according to Victoria of www.tenthousandsewinghours.blogspot.com .  Victoria has facilitated this sew-along and over 40 blog sewists have joined so far.  I guess this is really a good time to review my sewing goals and think about what sort of clothes I would like to make and what I am fearful of making.  My main fear is actually of making mistakes - I'm a bit of a perfectionist.  Of course, most of us tackle new things every time we sew and are not really kind to ourselves about our mistakes (perhaps better termed learning experiences).  Professionals  make samples of a garment before making the real one - sometimes more than one sample, and sometimes the project is not continued if things aren't working out right.  We home sewers tend to be a little harder on ourselves and get upset if things don't work out right the first time (well, its time, energy and money, all often in short supply!  Plus a dose of frustration to boot!)  I have the usual fears of fitting (not easy when you don't have anyone to help) and also want to be technically more proficient with the  actual sewing process. So, what happens with me, is that I develop a dose of perfectionists procrastination - which doesn't help get any sewing done at all. So, I need to face this fear and just get on with it.  So, my goals for Fearless February are as follows:
  • Make up a skirt that has been hiding out as a UFO for some time now.
  • I really want a pair of jean like cotton trousers - everyday I keep thinking how handy they would be to wear to the supermarket, or just casually around the house - smart but casual.  I am a bit fearful of trousers because getting them to fit is so hard -I'm very tiny in the hips and thighs and trousers tend to bag on me a bit.  I use this to advantage sometimes - I look as though I am curvier than I am.
  • Future projects yet to be decided - I already have some thoughts on an earlier post on this blog.
  • Everything I make must go with 2 or 3 other garments I already own, or am willing to make straight away or purchase straight away.
  • By the time I finish these two garments Fearless February should be merging into March.  That will warrant a new sewing plan!

Fearless February Sew-Along - Jeans, Mcalls 6610.

This afternoon has seen me start this project.  I've traced the size 10 jeans and will sew a calico tomorrow and on the weekend.

See you then  :)

Sarah Liz


  1. Thanks Carolyn -will be updating progress as it happens - all the ins and outs and ups and downs. Love your blog, by they way - you have quite inspired me to get back to sewing after quite a long hiatus.


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