Guidelines for Style, Form and Colour in 1928. (2).

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I found an old book a few years ago "THE CUTTER'S GUIDE" A MANUAL OF DRESSCUTTING AND LADIES' TAILORING, by M.E. Roberts, published in Sydney in 1928.  At the back of the book, I found guidelines for form (what we now call style) and colour, and I'm sharing these with you over the next few weeks.

This guide was written specifically for women's styling. The language used is so different from our very direct way of speaking ninety years later, but the principles outlined  are as sound now as they were then.   Please enjoy them :)

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5.  There are only two just reasons for the choice of any way of life: the first is inbred taste in the chooser, the second is some high utility in the industry.  Enough has been said about the usefulness of good dressing, and the work is beautiful and womanly; but you must give some thought to it if it is to be well done.  If women thought a little more about it and spent less time and money getting other peoples' ideas about dress they would be infinitely better dressed.  All women who are adepts in this, the daintiest of home handicrafts, know that it is the art on which everybody can afford to spend their energies and though, because it not only gives pleasure to the worker but saves money in the working, and, if necessary, it is a lucrative, easy, and womanly means of a livelihood.

6.  No matter what the prevailing fashion is, the genius sees, without having any rules given to guide her, what are the traits, mental and temperamental, of her client, and she creates a style, conforming sufficiently to prevailing modes, but so suitable to the figure, complexion, and temperament of the wearer that it is pronounced in good taste.

7.  But good taste always rests on acknowledged principles, although all principles of art are evolved from the undisciplined expressions of genius, and the student who wishes to become mistress in the craft of dress will find in the rules given below some help in cultivating her taste and developing her artistic instincts.

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Well, next week we will look at the three standpoints and uses of dress.  Til then,

Sarah Liz.


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