Looking forward - Spring/Summer 2013

I love this time of year because  two new sewstyle seasons loom.  Yes, two - in Australia, we are entering Autumn (Fall) soon, and guess what - the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections will soon be showing - and with the Internet, we Antipodean sewists can access all these looks for inspiration before our season starts.  Before the extraordinary global reach of the Internet, we had to be content with WAITING.

The other extraordinary advantage to living down under is that we still have some weeks of warmish weather, so all the Spring/Summer 2013 garments that you are contemplating once the weather warms up, can be sewn up now, ready for our Spring/Summer 2013 - and then, of course, we can start accessing Spring/summer 2014 looks for inspiration!

So, what are the trends for Spring/Summer 2013.  Two predominant themes  emerge - black and white, or bright brights.  There is also a little bit of denim (which I want to see - because I have some in the stash that needs making up. I also found a picture of rust trousers by Christian Dior - I have some fabric this colour in the stash - not my favourite, but I will think about it!)

I love visiting www.style.com while I am having a cup of tea.  Never ending ideas, but not the never ending time in which to make them.  Dreams are made of this! All pictures from style.com

Burberry Brights

Oscar de la Renta Brights

Chanel Brights

Sarah Liz


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