Pants and Posteriors

The last two days has seen me busy solving the casual/jean type pants dilemma.  After trialing two patterns that did not suit me, I decided to try a KwikSew one.  To refresh any one's memory, this is the pattern I am testing:

KwikSew 3340

I've never used a KwikSew pattern before - I am not sure why but I suspect it was because they were not available when I started using commercial patterns.  I hastily drew out my size - XS bottom for and M for waist area (I'm a straight up and down sort, so charmingly (I don't think!) called rectangle by image consultants). I even more hastily cut them out of a piece of poly cotton I had lying around - it won't be used for anything else, and used even more haste in sewing them together. A quick try on and Lo! they work. 

I'm going to make a pair in cost effective and serviceable cotton drill.  That way not much is lost if they don't work out quite as well as I want them to - but probably quite good enough for going to the supermarket and for wearing around the house - which is what I want them for.  My old ones are looking very sad and sorry now, so anything has to be better than them.

While out and about today I stopped and had a coffee at a cafe and watched the world go by for a short while - more specifically watched posteriors in pants go by.  I tried to be discrete, after all, it is rude to stare, but this was research for my pants project, so I rationalised that so long as I was subtle in my glances, no harm would be done.  I did see lots of pants with lots of posteriors that do not quite fit, and posteriors in pants of all shapes and sizes.  Some pants would  fit rather too well.  I am  not sure that tight jean cuts are altogether flattering on some people.  My earlier pre-tests were certainly  not flattering on me but I am optimistic that at least I will not be showing off parts I would rather not have the world see in this style of trouser.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Congratulations! Your pants saga sounds a lot like Victoria's! One of my next challenges will be shorts - I suspect they offer the same challenges as pants (not really looking forward to that!). Interesting to see all that you have been through to finally find the pattern that works for you. Looking forward to seeing your final pair!

  2. Thanks Laura - I have a quietish weekend (my husband is doing the medical cover this weekend) so I will able to finish (after the supermarket, washing and so on!) I'll be keeping on touch with you to see how your pants project goes - and yes, shorts are just short pants, so all the same challenges around the waist, bottom, hips and thighs!

  3. Hi Sarah and congratulations on your pants success. Don't you wish we could just grab a pattern a get a perfect fit every time ? I'm dreaming. You picked a good pattern. It will look good in many different fabrics and you will be able to make style changes too. I hope you will have fun making more pants. I'll pop back again to cheer you on.


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