Sewing the Stash -Big Plans (1)

Like every sewist, I am sure I have grand and delusional plans about what I am going to make in the stash, usually in an impossibly unrealistic time frame.  having made the plan, like many sewists, I also tend to disregard it and decide on something else instead.  Usually the style result of this is a mis mash of garments, all waiting for other garments to go with them.

So, I have decided that if I have a style idea, I am going to jot it down in this blog, so it becomes a sort of ongoing style journal.  Some things will get made, some things won't.  The best part of jotting ideas down here is that they won't be cluttering up in my mind, waiting to pop out, when I should be concentrating on something else.  Or scattered on scraps of paper, that never can be found when you want them.  Just as the thoughts that came to mind, so thoughts consigned to scraps of paper, can be lost with the passage and vagaries of intervening life - they get buried under other things!

So, here are some of my thoughts:

  • A lightweight herringbone look skirt that is casual but smart that I can wear on many occasions when the weather is about 18 to 25 degrees.  With bare legs or stockings or tights.
Herringbone for skirt
  •     Pink snakeskin pattern cotton sateen jacket and matching skirt.  Can also be worn over a cotton     dress that can be made from a stash fabric:
Jacket, Skirt and Dress


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