Skirt Photo - with me in it! (both the photo and the skirt)

I needed my husband's help with taking this photo - I find this a little easier and less time consuming than setting the camera timer, working out the camera height, finding an appropriate place to stand camera, and so on.  Not impossible, but I prefer the time efficient approach most of the time.

Anyway, here is the photo of me wearing the recently sewn skirt.  I'll recap the project for those of you who have only read this page. For those of you that have followed the blog thus far, I hope I am not boring you!

 This was the original pattern (New Look 6103).  I modified the pattern which has a small yoke waistband with facing.  I did not have enough material to cut this style, and I also like waistbands as I have small hips and if a skirt sits too low it tends to slip down, or sit at a strange angle - up at the back and down at the front.   The rear of the skirt is suppose to have a large inverted pleat, but I decided on a kick pleat because of the limited amount of fabric I had available. Low waistlines also sit at my widest part - the tummy - but I do still have a small indentation (luckily) at my waist - I like to show my smallest part if wearing a top tucked in.

This is my version, as I have previously shown on this blog - being worn by my dear dummy (who is yet to be given a name).
This is the rear view of the skirt - and I don't normally stand in such a manner, but I did want to show you the kick pleat - which is behaving quite well, not opening too much.
 And this is me wearing the skirt with a t-shirt (a bit ruffled at the middle - I put it on in a hurry, but there is a lesson in this - always check in the mirror first.  However, for practical time purposes, I did not really think I should ask my husband to stop what he needs to do in order to do a retake!) I think this is much more my practical everyday style than the picture with the camisole and necklace - that was replicating as far as possible the sort of look the pattern showed with what I could find in my wardrobe.

I would wear this skirt everyday, on the weekend if it something less casual was needed, and on a special night out dressed up with stockings, heels and sparkly jewellery.  I would feel comfortable in the last look going from home, or to go to the shops) to see what is going on in my husband's office, or even going straight from any of those activities, with a nice jacket, to dinner.  I do like my garments to be multi purpose and multi functional.

Sarah Liz


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