Stash Update

A confession.  My stash reduction project (what I believe is called stash busting in sewing circles) has seriously gone awry.  The best of intentions have gone astray.  Yes, I succumbed.

I shall confess all.  I have added, not subtracted, from the stash.  Herewith is the damage:

2 metres of black and white abstract dot pattern - a quilting cotton that was on sale for $4.00 a metre.
As Black and White abstract dotty sort of patterns are in fashion for Spring/Summer 2013, and, as I want to make skirts as part of my new signature style (yes, life has sidetracked me into wearing things I do not like but that get the job done), this seemed, under the various proviso's rule,  to be an entirely sensible addition to the stash.

1.6 metres of an absolutely gorgeous retro print fabric that contains black, white and emerald green and would make an absolutely gorgeous skirt to go with an emerald summer cardigan that remains unworn for want of something to go with it. 

2.2 metres of periwinkle cotton drill to make a pair of jeans with - I have a McCalls pattern that shows jeans made up in a nice shade of blue - and I decided I wanted a pair as well.  Haven't made jeans before, so this might get me tempted to try - and is also part of the new signature style plan.

2 metres, of lovely  cotton voile that I found the day after a 42 degree day.  I had long been wishing I could find something light weight and flimsy to wear on those days that beckon a serious consideration of wearing as little as possible.  In addition, it was a navy and white dotty print , which is exactly what I like given I am fairly classic in style orientation (just need to remember to be a little more fab than drab in the new style signature that is under development.

80 cm  of mid weight denim -y sort of fabric to make a classic casual skirt with. So, as nice skirts are to be part of the new signature style, I had to get that too, didn't I?

It seems to be, that like all sewists (sewers who like to develop a personal style) I have an amazing ability to rationalise my stash purposes while totally denying I have any sort of stash problem at all.

Do you have the same problem?

On the plus side, I have actually taken a small piece (about 90cms/1 yard) from my stash in order to cut out a skirt.  So, a net gain of, let's see, 7.8  metres.  I think the stash has outwitted me this week.

Now I think I have to make some serious sewing plans for the stash before it gets out of hand again...

Sarah Liz :)


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