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Notes and Comments to my followers, also Welcome to New Followers

It's that time of the week again where I welcome all my new followers.  I  love having you on board, and I love looking at your blogs as well.  I tend to follow my followers, because I believe a blog is an interactive dialogue. Its really quite simple - if I met you in "real life"  I would have a chat with you.  You wouldn't like it if I ignored you, and I wouldn't like it if you ignored me.  So I keep to these very  simple guidelines in my blog - you are all welcome, and I want to visit your blogs too and have a look at what you do, and have a chat with you as well.  We all have so much to learn and share with each other. So, welcome Evanabella, KC, Beverley, Lizzie Blatt, Andrea, Janine, Sally and Gods Girl IT.  If I haven't already said hi on your blogs (if you have one) - I will do so later today. And to those of you that have just joined on BlogLovin - welcome as well. And to all my regular followers - thank you for your very gorgeous and lovel

A classic white summer shirt.

Faye has been holding a sew-a-long where all participants make a top of their choice.  The sew-a-long runs for 2 weeks and finishes on the 7th April 2013. I decided to make a plain white cotton summer short sleeved shirt.  Our summer is nearly over, but I only have one really cool summer blouse to wear when the thermometer climbs to about 95 degrees.  I sometimes visit Adelaide and occasionally it gets to over 105 degrees, so I like simple loose cotton shirts with loose cotton trousers (on my to make list). I used New Look pattern6963.  The version I used is the blue shirt shown at the bottom right corner. This shirt is designed to be a semi-fitted and very loose shirt.  As I was worried about the time factor, I decided against making a test muslin.  The fabric I used is a cheap homespun, so I decided that as it was a loose blouse, that I could probably forgo making one. I did take the precaution of  laying the pattern pieces on top of a blouse that fitted reasona

Easter wishes for you...

It is 9 am on Good Friday here in NSW Australia and I would like to wish all of you, wherever you are, a safe and blessed Easter season.  And if you do not celebrate Easter,  I hope that you still find this a time that replenishes you in whatever way you choose. The photo is a picture out of my garden - the bromeliads in my garden are very happy this year and blossoming well.  Little red heads are celebrating wherever I look.  They go with the Easter Spirit I think - although I know that a lot of you are wondering when the warm weather will come - which really does normally coincide with Easter. My Easter is going to be occupied with sorting out my paperwork - but I am going to build in a couple of reward breaks along the way to do some sewing. Which doesn't seem to have happened much this week if you only look for finished results.  But  number of things are started - amongst them the little white blouse (yes, another!) that I am making for Faye's little top sew-a-lon

My lovely Liebster surprise...

I had a lovely surprise this week when Far from Memoryseed - blog link   -  nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog award.  For those of you who don't know Far, she makes all sort of things from recycled fabrics or clothes which is a really eco- sustainable approach to garment or craft design.  Pop over and have a look at her  beautiful work.  As you can imagine I am thrilled to receive this award so a very big thank you to Far. The reason for the Liebster award is to acknowledge to efforts of new bloggers and to introduce them to new readers.  The award is a form of chain blog acknowledgement.  No-one quite knows how it started, and it seems that there are two main variations going around about what the nominee and nominator must do.  These are:  1. - that the nominated awardee must post 11 random facts about themselves.      - that the nominated awardee must post 5 random facts about themselves. 2. -that the nominated awardee must answer 11 qu

Guidelines for Form, Style and Colour in 1928 (8)...

Hello everyone, I found an old book a few years ago "THE CUTTER'S GUIDE" A MANUAL OF DRESSCUTTING AND LADIES' TAILORING, by M.E. Roberts, published in Sydney in 1928.  At the back of the book, I found guidelines for form (what we now call style) and colour, and I'm sharing these with you over the next few weeks. This guide was written specifically for women's styling. The language used is so different from our very direct way of speaking ninety years later, but the principles outlined  are as sound now as they were then (with the exception of some, which just amuse us now.  So, whatever you think of the ideas,  please enjoy them :) image sourced from This week I'll be sharing some of the ideas about colour that were current in 1928. The first part of the section talks about the art and science of colour from  theoretical, philosophical and practical perspectives and is probably not so useful or fun to read as t

Blouse too tight - a quick fix solution.

 It's that time of the afternoon here in OZ - the time that I enjoy sitting down with a nice cup of tea and writing my blog and visiting yours. As its close to Easter, I may even indulge:  Today I want to thank everyone who has commented that they enjoy my blog - thank you so much  :) I also want to show you how to save a blouse that might be a bit too tight over that trouble area, the tummy - the bit that goes in and out, changes at whim and never quite seems to do what we want it to do.  Or perhaps you are in the early stages of pregnancy and just want a little more room. Sometimes the garment we have made is tight - we didn't fit it well enough, or perhaps fitted it too well - and we don't always remember to cut extra on the side seam, 'cos its never going to happen, is it? Or, perhaps you have expanded out of a previously loved shirt. Here is my solution - a godet - I love them because they can be so useful. So, here goes: Open up your s