2013 Essential Top Sew-A-Long

Faye is hosting an essential top sew-a-long from March 24th (that's today I just realised) to April 7 2013.  for more information, pop over to  fayessewingadventure.blogspot.com.

This is a no pressure sew-a-long.  As many of you live in the northern hemisphere, your spring is arriving and I think Faye wants to encourage people to add a bit of spring colour to their wardrobes.  I think that is a great idea, but here in down under we are moving into winter so it is a little hard to find the Pantone bright and glorious spring colours in our fabric shops at the moment.

Pantone Spring/Summer 2013 colours
 (from www.pantone.com)

Glorious colours I agree, but I don't have anything quite right in my stash at the moment.  As this is a no pressure sew-a-long (my favourite) I will make a top, but in a basic colour.  White.  Guaranteed to go with everything I've got.  Guaranteed to go with Pantone spring colours when I finally find some.  And guaranteed to go with things in my wardrobe.  Plus I need some cool cotton tops for very hot weather.

I could even wear it with my cotton emerald green pants during our warm last burst of summer type of weather.   Which enters into the spirit of spring colour that you northerners are enjoying.

This   sew-a-long is  a good opportunity  to cross something off my sewing list that has been sitting there for absolutely ages.

And a chance to use a pattern that is in my pattern stash.  I also have some white cotton homespun in my stash - perfect for the pattern I am going to use.

So, this looks like a win before I begin - a positive sew-a-long to join, and a chance to use fabric and a pattern from my large stash.

Now, the blouse:

NL 6963

A straightforward semi fitted blouse.  I am going to make version C, which is on the bottom right hand side of this picture.

As the fabric I am using is a cheap one I am going to be brave and forgo making the muslin, and hope that this turns out to be a "wearable" muslin.  We only have two weeks, and today has gone.  Over Easter I really have to do twelve months of paperwork.  So, some corners will have to be cut (pardon the pun) in order to have a garment finished by 7 April 2013.

Faye has lots of participants but I am sure she won't mind if you join in as well. 

Sarah Liz :)


  1. We all can do with an extra white shirt in the wardrobe cycle! I haven't seen any inkling of Pantone colours in the fabric shops up this way yet...we might just have to wait till next spring...J

    1. Yes we might - but I don't think it matters what we make, so long as we join in - glad you are on board.

  2. I join all of these wonderful things and then get sidetracked *LOL*. The only one I actually got anything done for was Pretty Grievances Jungle January - so I think I will give it a miss. Looking forward to seeing your top.

    1. Hi BeaJay - yes sometimes you have to know when to say yes, and sometimes when to say no, lol's. Sometimes its good to go at your own pace.

  3. Hello, Sarah Liz,
    I have just become one of your blog followers. Love the shirt. You look like Lauren Bacall in the photo - lucky you!

  4. Hi Lizzie, welcome, and thank you for the comment - I couldn't get my hair to behave so I thought I would just comb it back in a classic wave style - it must have worked!


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