Easter wishes for you...

It is 9 am on Good Friday here in NSW Australia and I would like to wish all of you, wherever you are, a safe and blessed Easter season.  And if you do not celebrate Easter,  I hope that you still find this a time that replenishes you in whatever way you choose.

The photo is a picture out of my garden - the bromeliads in my garden are very happy this year and blossoming well.  Little red heads are celebrating wherever I look.  They go with the Easter Spirit I think - although I know that a lot of you are wondering when the warm weather will come - which really does normally coincide with Easter.

My Easter is going to be occupied with sorting out my paperwork - but I am going to build in a couple of reward breaks along the way to do some sewing. Which doesn't seem to have happened much this week if you only look for finished results.  But  number of things are started - amongst them the little white blouse (yes, another!) that I am making for Faye's little top sew-a-long which finishes on 7th April - for more about this- fayessewingadventure.blogspot.com

I have other things  happening  in my sewing life - all that tedious pre-shrinking and planning that has to be done- ready for the sew your own wardrobe for a year challenge that start on Monday 1st April - and you can find out more about this challenge at http://sewyourownwardrobeforayearchallenge.blogspot.com

I better get on with the serious paperwork next, so I can get on with the serious sewing  that starts next week.

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Happy Easter to you too, Sarah Liz - Enjoy!

  2. Happy Easter to you also! I am off from work tomorrow and on Monday!! Sewing time planned!

  3. wishing you a happy & blessed Easter I just realized you're a day ahead of me over here in Alabama! it's 9pm time for bed on my side of the world & you're just having coffee lol!

  4. Hello Helen, thank you, and yes, its all topsy turvy time wise. :)

  5. Happy Easter from Sunny Queensland - enjoy the weekend, the paperwork :( and the rewards of sewing...J

    1. Hi Judith, thank you - the paperwork is found, all filed, now just adding up to do - and a week before I go to the accountant, so I can do some guilt free blogging and sewing!


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