Fitted blouse contest on PR

I've decided to enter this challenge which runs for the month of March.   I have wanted to make a fitted white blouse for absolutely ages, but as per usual, it keeps getting put off until that magic day that I "just feel like it" and inspiration strikes.  Well, we all know life is not like that, you wait for ever for inspiration if you haven't put in a little (a lot??) perspiration (along with perspicacity and perseverance) first.  So, when I found out about this contest via "How good is that" I found it difficult to resist - although for 24 hours after, of course, I wondered why, with all the associated fears that go with "putting your sewing on the line" so to speak.  Well, I'm in now, so no turning back.

I plan to make a fitted wrap blouse from a Vogue pattern I recently (fortuitously, as it now happens) purchased. 

Vogue V8833, "Vogue patterns easy options".

As it also so happens, I had some white medium white embossed cotton fabric (jacquard) in my stash (not surprising, seeing my stash has about 170 different fabrics in it - but it's funny how the stash often doesn't have what you want right now for a particular project - and so the stash grows, as more is added, just in case there is time or a need for whatever you just bought.)  I also have a piece of homespun in a colour that looked alright in the shop (with no natural light whatsoever) and looks absolutely awful in the clear light of day.  So I will use that for the muslin.  Virtuous stash busting, you will all note.

White embossed cotton fabric.

I'm afraid the colour did not come out at all well, but you get the general idea - the texture at least shows up.

I'm off to start now (after my next blog post), so if you have plans to make a fitted blouse, now might be a good time, if you like sew-a-longs.

Sarah Liz:)


  1. Wow, I love the fabric. Nice pattern too. Good luck

  2. Yay. This is going to look great.

  3. Thanks to you both - I've started the muslin today and will have some tweaking to do next.


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